1. sixplymaple

    My Playing From 2012

    I came across this video from 9 years ago when I was only 20 years young. It’s me playing the kit for a contest. Only a minute long. It’s really cool to look back at stuff like this just to see how much I’ve progressed. It’s also fun identifying my old habits and limitations on the kit. I’ve...
  2. R

    New Channel and some programming/content...

    Hey All, I started (or rather re-started after a decade) a YouTube channel. Inspired by our current situation, it is called, for now, “Quarantine Music” (I’ll need something better when this is all over!). Lots of short clips with lessons, how to’s, instrument demos, photo essays and visual...
  3. Paul Connor

    Foo Fighters Drum Cover - Monkey Wrench

    Hey guys! Here's my drum cover of the Foo Fighters' classic song Monkey Wrench. Hope you like it!
  4. scottpep

    Hi-hat variations and ideas

    This is a lesson on hi hat variations and adding some flare to your hats. I received a request for this video. I am making them a bit more frequently now working on mixing techniques
  5. scottpep

    Tom groove YouTube lesson

    Here is a quick video I made on tom grooves... Still playing around with mixing techniques and figured it would be a good way to hit them lots. I also have a new push to talk button for my mic which will save me a ton of time in future videos. Nothing too advanced here but a fun way to...
  6. scottpep

    Slow motion video of technique and blastbeat

    I recently had a request for a slow motion video of my hand technique while playing blast beats. I did warn the guy my technique was not great but he still wanted to see it. It is kind of neat doing this as I can see some issues that I never noticed before while playing. They don't seem to...
  7. BBasiliskritik

    My Bands first song (No Escape - Inevitable) Tell me your opinion

    Hey Guys this is my Bands First song video clip... Please tell me your opinion !!! (The band started with a rock style and female singer, but the new songs that we are writing now are with male vocalist and heavy metal tune ;D) No Escape - Inevitable(Official Video clip) More Videos: Not...
  8. tylerdrummer

    Some shedding. Feedback?

    Hey guys! Here's a little clip of me doing my favorite thing; playing the drums. I would love to read any feedback you guys might have for me. Thanks for watching. #keepdrumming
  9. tylerdrummer

    Having Fun Behind the Drums!

    Hey guys! Here's a clip of a recent solo I did. Mostly just improvising and having fun. I'd love to read any feedback you guys may have for me and am really enjoying the forum so far. Thanks for watching!
  10. trentdavis

    Performance video

    Here's a link to a performance video I'm currently working on.
  11. trummis717

    Bangarang drum cover!!

  12. scottpep

    Video and lesson on using 5's in solos and fills

    Figured I'd make this video right away before the holidays. This one is on a few groups of 5 I often use in my fills, solos, and licks. I'll be making a bunch of these in the next few months. This is the second one I have made with the other being groups of 3.
  13. trentdavis

    Lots of splashes! - Top down performance video This is a top-down performance video of my current setup which incorporates 13 different splash/bell cymbals as well as 2 cut-down Wuhan chinas. Feel free to leave comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  14. scottpep

    Heavy music inside, I have so much to learn.

    I have been working so hard on my funk, jazz, grooves, and fundamentals that I really haven't been working on my speed or endurance for playing metal. This is when my band slap's me with 7 new songs to learn and one being 12 minutes long. lol. We are due to record late this fall, this is the...
  15. thedavidelrod

    Chad Sexton @ 311 Day 2016

    311 completed another 85 song, 2 day concert in New Orleans last month. Chad Sexton really turned it on for his big solo. Mixing an SPD30, Wave drum, kaoss pad, different hand percussion, even leading the crowd in a sing-a-long of "Hey Jude"
  16. scottpep

    punk music cover

    This song is about 18 years old and takes me back.. Not the most complicated but its a good way to get the single foot double strokes going. Same with the 1/8 note right hand going the whole time. I know this site isn't as much about the loud fast music but I can handle the criticism :) To be...
  17. czarthedrummer

    Take one last breath Cover

    Not a very hard song but very fun to play might of overdone it with visuals but most love it
  18. SteveDilksDrums

    Ghost Busters Drum Cover - Super Cool!!!

    There were a ton of Halloween themed drum covers this year popping up on Facebook and Youtube. I just found this one today and it is really cool. Both drummers are playing different parts of the same beats so that when they play together it sounds like 1 cohesive beat instead of just 2 drummers...
  19. BrianOwens

    Vintage Gretsch and the Great Louie Bellson back in 1957

    I had to share this video of the Great Louie Bellson playing his Great Gretsch kit! It's a fine display of his craftmanship behind the kit: &list=RDLQFErLDWV78&index=27
  20. bensondrums

    How do I embedded Video?

    I would like to post a video in the forum section, videos. How do I embed the video? Thanks, Gary