1. Ddrummer23

    SOLD:Ludwig White Cortex 7x10 $179

    Ludwig B/O pointy badge vintage 79’ White Cortex 7x13 excellent condition except for a little separation at seam as seen in photo. This tom is all cleaned up and ready to be played. The case is also VG condition as you can see in pics. If you would like more pics just let know and please ask all...
  2. Ddrummer23

    Sold:Ludwig White Cortex 79’ 3pc set...$725

    Very clean and well maintained 79’ vintage Ludwig drum set. Sizes are 14x22, 9x13 & 16x16. The rack tom is missing internal muffler and bass drum has a couple of hairline cracks in the wrap. This is very common with these wraps dating back to the late 70’s. The drums themselves are in extremely...
  3. SaranacJack

    7 x 50s - 70s Zildjians (Rides, Crashes & Hats) - Sound files on most PRICES LOWERED

    Changing the guard from old A's to some newer stuff. Owned most of these for decades, ready to pass them on. Prices + actual shipping from Baltimore, MD area Make an offer for multiple cymbals! Sound files below for these cymbals: SOLD 1950s 20" Rivet Ride (4 x holes, no rivets), 1,953g...
  4. rock roll

    Bass drum pedal collection any other collectors out there?

    After reading a vintage bass drum pedal thread , I got to wondering , everyone here has drum kit collections but does everyone that collect kits , collect vintage hardware? So for this thread I'll just keep it to bass drum pedals. ----- bass drum pedals ------ Crowell.(selmer) 40's 50's bass...
  5. dunnenrb


    I got this in March last year, it is a KILLER kit and is in excellent condition. I’ve played it out only a few times and it has a few nicks in the BD hoop but other than that it is immaculate. The only noticeable blemish is some of the chrome flaked off one of the floor Tom legs (it arrived this...
  6. K

    Wanted: Yamaha 60's kit (C-200, D-20)

    Hey! I've been trying to get a hold of a Yamaha 60's kit in any wrap (though mainly golden dragon, willow, or blue thunder), in at least decent playing condition. I know some of these have kits have reinforcement rings, would definitely prefer that. Snare or no snare. I'm in Philadelphia ...
  7. rock roll

    My Cymbal collection..what's yours?

    ------- hi hat cymbals -------- 9 7/8 " Victor la Page jazz hi hats 1940s .. Large cup bottom cymbal 10 1/4" lowboy brass hi hat cymbal 20's? .... Large cup . Brass 12" no name - vintage sock/lowboy hi hats ... Cheap 12" zenjian hi hat cymbals 60's? vintage (Italy) ... (pair) center hole...
  8. H

    mid-60s vintage Slingerland goldflake 4 piece kit

    I'm a musician but drums are not my main instrument. I literally had a family member beg me to take this full kit with cymbals (on the cymbal forum) and all the hardware off his hands because he was tired of it collecting dust in his basement. I asked around with some of my drummer friends and...
  9. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage 1961 Ludwig School Festival 6.5x15 Snare Drum in Red/Silver/Red Sparkle

    This is now SOLD! Thanks. For sale is a Vintage 1961 Ludwig School Festival 6.5x15 Snare Drum in Red/Silver/Red Sparkle in good players condition. Shell is in great condition, in-round with factory edges and interior paint. Barely readable faint black datestamp of XXX XX 1961. The wrap is tight...
  10. O

    PureCussion RIMS Headset Wanted

    I'm looking for the NE version of the Purecussion RIMS Headset - either a full kit or parts of a kit (toms, kick, or hardware). If you have an older version, I'm interested in any of the hardware - tom arms, cymbal boom arms, headset clamps that attach to the legs of the headset to clamp the...
  11. jGrind

    NEED Premier 2000 snare wires! any leads?

    I know of all the usual sources but they are clear out and I'm hoping someone has a set or two kicking around. Thanks!
  12. markrocks68

    1968 Walberg & Auge Perfection Jazz Outfit in Rogers Blue Strata Pearl 20/14/12/14

    Howdy DF friends Here's my latest addition to the collection & restoration project: This is a 1968 Walberg & Auge Perfection Jazz Outfit in Rogers Blue Strata Pearl 20/14/12/14 Another real slice of Americana and my second Walberg & Auge kit. These drum sets are true vintage mutt kits and are...
  13. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage Early 1950s Gretsch Dixieland 6x14 Snare Drum in Blue Sparkle

    This is now SOLD. Thanks! For sale is a Vintage Early 1950s Gretsch Dixieland 6x14 Snare Drum in Blue Sparkle in good players condition. The harder-to-find 6x14 three ply shell in great condition and in-round with factory edges. No date stamp present on the clear interior. The wrap is original...
  14. P

    Wanted: Ludwig Bow-tie Tension Rod 7.5 inch

    I just acquired a 1966 club date kit that needs some work. The kick drum is missing one of the bowtie tension rods and claw. It is the dual tension system and each rod is 7.5 inches long with 2 inches of thread. See attached picture.
  15. Big Beat

    For Sale: Premier, Olympic, Vox, Trixon vintage drum parts

    Assorted British drum parts for sale. Unknown snare drum strainer assembly. I believe this is c. 1950s Premier but it is NOT marked. Interesting piece, I have never seen another. If you can identify it for sure, please do. $50 Tom arm / tom holder. 1960s Premier spigot / dagger type, nice and...
  16. VintageDrummer

    SOLD Kingston 20" PAPER thin crash ride & 18" Beverley crash ride

    85 shipped to USA ... PAPER thin beat to hell but not cracked... Kingston Pro Line 20" crash ride Kingston Pro line is Made in Taiwan. Kingston (regular) is made in Japan. From what I have gathered ... These Kingston pro line are thinner , lighter weight and alloy color, .and larger bells...
  17. thepaultyree

    Tempus lugs

    Hey all, new here. I'm looking to purchase 12 tempus tom lugs and would appreciate any leads or offers. I've scoured the usual suspects and am now turning to you, as well as any private individual, seller, or collector. Thanks!
  18. S

    Supraphonic B/O badge looks hand cut... vintage or rebadged?

    I just got a supraphonic from reverb that from their pics looked like a late 70s model, but when I got it the badge had the serial numbers cut off, and it has rounded edges, which makes me think it was initially a later 70s badge. Snare also doesn't have an internal muffler, which I thought all...
  19. S

    Early Tama Rockstar Bass Drums

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Tama made their early (late 80s, I believe--short lugs) Rockstar Drums in 22" by 18"? I've been perusing the catalogues and only found mention of 22" by 16".
  20. T

    1976 2002 20 inch

    I have a chance to pick up a 1976 20 inch 2002 crash today. It's in good condition. The lettering is still on it, no flea bites, but has a mild keyhole. If you are a Paiste fan, like I am, theoretically, would you pick it up for a good price? What would you pay. Pic coming.