1. D

    Vintage Mount Identification

    Hi All Got this tom mount a few weeks ago. I think its an early 70s Slingerland mount, but it doesn't fit any of the 70s Slingerland toms I have. It came as a throw in with a slingerland kit and some other random parts. Most of the time when I see these they have 1 arm, not two and this only...
  2. mikepmcde

    vintage wrap discoloration

    it’s always fun taking a vintage piece apart and see the parts of the wrap that havnt seen the light of day in 50+ years. I was curious if anyone has a secret on how to bring the color back? Might be a little different on the vintage astro ludwig standard wraps because it’s a strange material...
  3. S

    Need help identifying this Yamaha drums!

    Need help identifying this drums, what year and what model. Thanks in advance!! I think it's yd9000? the sizes are 24bd, 13tt,14tt, 18ft (not included in photo).
  4. jmele2

    PRICE DROP!! Great sounding Yamaha D22 Brown Willow 3-piece (sizes 9x13, 16x16, 14x22) from late 1960s.

    ANOTHER PRICE DROP!!!!!!!! I need space in my basement. Please take these away... :-) Great sounding Yamaha D22 Brown Willow 3-piece (sizes 9x13, 16x16, 14x22) from late 1960s. NOW $550 - I'm close to NYC, and fairly easy to meet in tri-state area if you want to pick these up. Wrap is tight...
  5. A

    Help Identifying Vintage Yamaha Drums

    I've had these Yamaha drums since high school, and it was my high school's old set. I've never really known much about them except they were old. Looking into it more, I belive they are 1970's from the Yamaha badge shape. There isn't a model number, and the serial number is only four letters...
  6. J

    Help ID’ing Gretsch kit with concert toms

    I recently picked up this cool, rather old smelling Gretsch kit: 24” x 16” bass drum 16” concert floor tom 15” concert rack tom 14” concert rack tom 13” concert rack tom 18” floor tom (last pic, this one has a reso rim, unlike the others) Also came with a cool 14” x 6” Rogers snare I included...
  7. jmele2

    Unusual 14.5” solid shell snare drum early 1900’s

    Hi guys - found this weird drum online at a price I’m comfortable taking a chance on and it just arrived. The listing said it was a 15” drum, but in actuality it’s 14.5” across. Trying to figure out if I can get plastic/non-calf heads made for it and if it’s worth it. Or maybe just have new...
  8. S

    help me identify this Tama Drums, thank you

    please help me identify this vintage tama drum, what year?
  9. spyrock72

    Vintage Tama Snare

    Hi folks, does anybody have any information about this Tama snare? Unfortunately, as you can see on the photos, the previous owner drilled two large holes in the shell. Are these Freedom lugs? What’s the name of the throwoff? what series… Any information is welcome! Thanks in advance, Spiro
  10. A

    1993 Brady Snare Drum 8x14 - Requesting Info

    I have a Brady Snare Drum in very good condition. No scratches at all. I purchased this drum in the beginning of 1994 when I was a senior in high school. I had a drum teacher named Michael Briggs that I believe was hired by Brady Drums to find distributors for them in the Houston area. I was...
  11. S


  12. S

    Thoughts with my Vintage Yamaha Recording Custom in Sunburst?

    NEED HELP!! sizes are 18/12/14
  13. L

    Ludwig standard 12” and 13” toms

    1971 ruby strata toms. 8x12 and 9x13. Everything present except the badges. Nice shape. 3 ply shells $150 each, plus shipping
  14. sw532121

    WTB: Vintage Ludwig NOB Snare (8 or 10 lug)

    Looking for a vintage Ludwig NOB snare. Pioneer, Standard, etc. 8 or 10 lug drums only, please. All sizes and conditions considered. Thank you! Evan
  15. B

    1920's Leedy

    In the early 1970's my dad bought me a drum set for $50 from a bar owner on his delivery route in Philadelphia. I was 10 at the time and played off and on for a few years. I moved to Dallas after college and brought the kit with me. Its sat in the attic since 1982. I recently retired form my...
  16. dunnenrb


    Help me fund a Jenkins Martin kit Tom Sale I bought these last year off of Ulysses Owens Jr. on reverb (see screenshot) who got them from Steve Maxwell Drums in NYC. They sound so so so good. They are pretty clean overall, obviously the lugs on the 13" are not original. Paint is not as good on...
  17. Aaronjiski

    Late 50’s SS Radioking 14x5.5 needs a facelift

    Just got this today. The wrap is in terrible shape from what I’m guessing is sunburn or being too close to a heater or similar for long periods of time. The shell is solid and has no extra holes and looks pretty clean and modern heads spin freely even with the current wrap on. I’m ditching...
  18. olmanbenny

    ‘68 Ludwig Psychadelic Red shell pack Hollywood

    Vintage ‘68 Ludwig Hollywood shell pack in rare Psychadelic Red. 12/13/16/22. For sale are the shells only…I’ll include the remaining lugs on the rack tom and the muffler on the floor tom because I’m lazy. In great shape, except for the bottom of the interior of the bass drum, which has some...
  19. bon viesta

    how much would you pay for late 50s era zildjian??

    as a bass player now, and also coming of age, i find that i seriously need to find my own ways to make and spend money on things i want. no more mommy and daddy. and the other day i remembered i had a little trove of cymbals i don’t use anymore under my bed, and i've become a little out of touch...
  20. Aaronjiski

    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    Hello, I have been burnt badly in the past on gear and before I risk doing the same thing again I am reaching out to the drum gods of this forum. So! Long story short. 1960’s Radioking kit WMP. Seller claims no extra holes or mods. He claims no re-ring splits and that the edges are in great...