1. w.c.rey

    Sonor 60s Teardrop Beech (West Germany) 20"/13"/16"

    SOLD! Excellent condition for its age -Internal mufflers are original & work well -Original tom mount included 20x15” Bass 13x8” Tom w/ original mount 16x16” Floor Tom I have spoken to a few Sonor gurus and my pricing for these is way off. If I could get $1000, that would be great. Thank...
  2. B

    Crestline Drum Set--All Original

    Crestline Drum Set--All Original Taking Offers (513) 833-7279 Local Pick Up Only in Cincinnati, Ohio
  3. Pancho12

    Vintage Ludwig Help!!!! Supraphonic?

    Hi forum! This is my first post so please bare with me... I recently purchased a ludwig snare and I need a lot of help identifying it! I can’t tell when the model is from or what the model of this snare is. Originally I thought it was a supraphonic, but as I did more research, I found it to be...
  4. U

    1940's Ludwig Zephyr tom and bass drum for sale.

    Hey there, selling a Ludwig Zephyr mounted tom and bass drum - wanted to see if anyone here had any interest. I'm located in upstate New York in the Hudson Valley. Would consider shipping but much prefer local pick up or would travel up to 100 miles to deliver for a small fee to cover gas. Open...
  5. A

    1930's Ludwig Chinese Tom Tom- Need help

    Hello all, new to the forum. I recently acquired this Vintage Ludwig & Ludwig Tom which appears to be from the 30's but am not so sure mainly because The dragons appear to be decals. and no clue about that signature. Any help or info would be appreciated.
  6. R

    Any info on vintage Premier kit?

    Hi! I've had an old Premier kit for a while and have never known anything about it and wondered if anyone can help? I've looked up the badges and have read they could be 80's but I haven't got a clue! Any info would be greatly appreciated! The serial numbers not shown are 20007 and 20055. The...
  7. f15c

    Request ID & repair advice: Ludwig Super Classic snare

    Hello, New member here, taking first step into vintage drums and would like to ask for some comments and advice. I just picked up what I believe to be a 1961 Ludwig Super Classic snare drum. My goal is to clean it up best I can and use as a "player" and keep it forever. Identification: Can...
  8. S

    Help With Vintage Baxter/Raven Drum Price

    I've been cleaning out some storage in the house and found these old drums. Does anyone know how much a set like this goes for? I know they're considered vintage and made in Japan but thats about it. Some pieces are "Raven" and some are "Baxter". Thanks in advance
  9. stewy

    Collection ~50 Cymbals - Vintage+New Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, UFIP, Paiste + More *Sound Files*

    Some great deals here. Sound files available for all cymbals. Can combine shipping, and will ship anywhere in the world Drum collection post to follow... 1/2: *ALCHEMY 14" PRO ART HI-HATS CYMBALS ISTANBUL AGOP A.R.T. HAND HAMMERED B20 SET* $178 *FACTORY METAL PERCUSSION 18" CROSS CRASHERZ...
  10. B

    Need Help Identifying Vintage Premier Kit with Nikkan Snare

    Hi everyone! Came across this supposedly 'Vintage Premier' drum kit and from initial looks, it's looking pretty good. I just need help on identifying what exactly this drum kit + this snare is, and hopefully the value of all these things combined. I'm looking to buy my first drum kit and this...
  11. B

    Kit in sizes 12 14 16 24 silver sparkle

    Looking for a kit in sizes 12x8, 14x14, 16x16, and 24x16. I prefer silver sparkle finish but if the sizes are the correct size I can always rewrap them. I’m open to most brands, even custom kit. Also older vintage kits as well. Let me know if anyone has something like this. Thanks
  12. G

    Thoughts on this 70s Ludwig Black Oyster?

    Found this 70s Ludwig kit online for $800 and it has been up for 4 months. Wondering why it hasn’t gone in a flash since that seems too good to be true. Does anyone think they’re fake maybe. I see the B&O badges have seen better days and the hoops and t clamps aren’t original. Any Ludwig guys...
  13. QuinnTheEskimo

    60s/70s Ludwig Snare or Cymbal Stand Parts

    These have been sitting in my garage for years and I really just need them gone. I figure someone here could put them to good use. These are player grade for sure with some surface rust, pitting and chrome loss. I spent a little time polishing up a few pieces and they definitely improved so more...
  14. Isosceles

    Vintage Simmons, Dynacord and Roland

    Hi all, it's been a while since I last posted. I started a project collecting vintage e-drums. It took a lot of work, but I have them up and running. Hopefully there are some older members that remember these and are smiling! Here is a video of them. I just made a loop on the Roland spd30 and...
  15. Dimitri Saliaris

    Help identifying kit for sale

    Hi everyone! I was just cruising around and happened upon a kit that seems interesting to me but I don’t think it has any badges. The listing says it is a “70s - 80s drumset,” but gives no further details. I took some screenshots and was hoping someone here could help identify it and nudge me...
  16. popiomodena

    **SOLD** 1968 Ludwig Hollywood Silver Sparkle

    1968 Ludwig Hollywood Silver Sparkle 14”x22” kick, 8”x12” rack tom, 9”x13” rack tom, 16”x16” floor tom date stamped May 2 1968 These are all clear interior drums. The serial numbers are close together. All original with exception to heads and the resonant bass drum hoop. 12” rack Tom...
  17. Dimitri Saliaris

    Camco L.A. Help Needed

    Hello, I've been presented with an opportunity from an acquaintance to purchase a 4 piece Camco kit (2 rack toms, floor, and snare). I want to say they are 10, 12, 14, 20. I looked at them quickly, and the bearing edges look flawless; finish still has it's glossy shine, and all the...
  18. inaglasscage

    Gretsch Rosewood Kit 80's

    New user here trying to find out more info on a kit I just purchased. This is a USA Custom Rosewood kit from the eighties I scored last month but I have yet to receive any information as to the exact year. Sizes are 10, 12, 14, 16, 20. I've included a photo of the serial number and model number...
  19. J

    Is this an old Ajax (B&H) snare?

    Hi drummers Can someone help me identify this snare drum? There's no batch on the drum, no serial number and nothing written on the inside of the shell. Thanks!
  20. Medellin

    60s Roger Holiday vs. Delta Tower (20/14/12)

    Greetings all! I am currently in the market for a Rogers 20/14/12 kit (Holiday or Delta Tower) I am at a crossroads of which to buy... I understand the physical differences between the Holiday and Tower kits, but is there a sonic difference between the two? Anyways, any input/ experience...