1. C

    SOLD)) Vintage K Zildjian Istanbul 14" hi-hat cymbals

    SOLD Hello to my old Cymbalholic friends who might still lurk about... I'm selling a special pair of 14” old K Zildjian Istanbul cymbals. Handmade in Turkey. 60’s era. Signatures and some ink still visible on undersides of both cymbals. Usual wear from years of use. Handformed bells - like many...
  2. bon viesta

    sell vintage ludwig’s and get new drums, or spruce them up??? (long post)

    my first and only drum kit since age 12 was a ludwig 1965 gold sparkle kit. i must have some kind of ocd or something, because even then i made absolute sure the kit was in top shape. i wouldn’t settle for a beat up kit. cut to current day, the keystone badge (my favorite looking bit of the kit…...
  3. jmele2

    Multiple Vintage and unusual drums for sale. Price drops! Only 2 drums left...

    UPDATE x2 Two other drums gone. Only 2 left... UPDATED! Price drops and one drum gone. Make me an offer if you see something you're interested in. Trades also possible... Hey all - Selling some of my collection off as I need some space in the racks - these drums are pretty unusual and...
  4. N

    Evans Uno 58/Genera Reso

    I'm looking to replace all the heads on my toms. My 18" Floor Tom came with an Evans Uno 58/Genera Reso head, but I can't find it for sale anywhere. Will a regular Evans G1 clear sound as good as this (with Evans G2 clear on top)? For reference it's a Ludwig 3-ply (maple/poplar/maple) with...
  5. F

    WANTED - Premier Bongos

    WANTED - Vintage 1970s or 80s Premier Bongos (apx 6 & 8") please contact [email protected] send pics and price. Any colour or finish. Thanks
  6. jbarthelette

    Red Duco Lacquer WFL 7-Piece Kit

    Hey all, wanted to share a recent acquisition that some of you may find familiar here on the forum. Many endless thank you’s to Glenn Norton for allowing me to be the next care taker of such a special set. 1955 WFL 14x20(2) 16x16 16x14 7x13(2) 5.5x14 in stunning original RED duco lacquer...
  7. S

    Help Identify Ludwig Super Sensitive?

    I purchased this snare today as I initially thought it was a Ludwig super sensitive without a badge, however, I just noticed the “imperial” lugs have only 2 tiers instead of 3. The throw off and butt plate also don’t have any Ludwig markings on them. I am now curious as to what I just bought. It...
  8. N

    Mounting system for vintage 14" Ludwig tom

    I'm looking for a new mounting system for my Ludwig mid-tom but I'm not sure what to get. Here's some specs: 1977/78, 14x10, 6-lugs, 3-ply (maple/poplar/maple), re-rings. I currently just have the stock dual L mount. One of the problems I'm having is that the tom sounds awesome and super...
  9. browncody72

    Vintage Rogers possible buy

    Hello! Long time listener, first time caller! My wife sent me a picture from an estate sale listing. I have a chance to go look early. From what I can tell, it’s maybe a late 60s early 70s Rogers holiday set. I don’t know a ton about Rogers, but I know they’re awesome. Hopefully the rest of the...
  10. Dtucci

    Slingerland LITES snare

    This drum sounds even better than it looks and it’s hard to let go. The drum is from the HSS era of Slingerland and features the TDR strainer and throw-off system as well as dual tensioners to dial in your sound. The drum has been played and has a couple nicks as pictured. You will be the only...
  11. S

    What Kit is this?

    help me identify this little guy!! thanks in advance!
  12. D

    Is this a vintage Tama snare?

    I acquired this snare recently and I am trying to find out it's history. Obviously, it has been heavily modified, but what was it before? I may want to try and restore it back to it's former glory if I can get my hands on the original parts. What I have determined is that it looks like a Tama...
  13. olmanbenny

    Rare 1971 Ludwig Green Sparkle 16” B/O Badge Floor Tom

    Hey Folks, .99 starting bid with No Reserve! 1971 16” Ludwig floor tom in rare Green Sparkle. I’ll be listing the matching Green Sparkle 20” bass drum shell soon as well! Thanks for looking! https://www.ebay.com/itm/225007238206?hash=item346379fc3e:g:qIgAAOSw5AZikmo-
  14. D

    Vintage Mount Identification

    Hi All Got this tom mount a few weeks ago. I think its an early 70s Slingerland mount, but it doesn't fit any of the 70s Slingerland toms I have. It came as a throw in with a slingerland kit and some other random parts. Most of the time when I see these they have 1 arm, not two and this only...
  15. mikepmcde

    vintage wrap discoloration

    it’s always fun taking a vintage piece apart and see the parts of the wrap that havnt seen the light of day in 50+ years. I was curious if anyone has a secret on how to bring the color back? Might be a little different on the vintage astro ludwig standard wraps because it’s a strange material...
  16. S

    Need help identifying this Yamaha drums!

    Need help identifying this drums, what year and what model. Thanks in advance!! I think it's yd9000? the sizes are 24bd, 13tt,14tt, 18ft (not included in photo).
  17. jmele2

    SOLD ++-- PRICE DROP!! Great sounding Yamaha D22 Brown Willow 3-piece (sizes 9x13, 16x16, 14x22) from late 1960s. --SOLD++

    SOLD... ANOTHER PRICE DROP!!!!!!!! I need space in my basement. Please take these away... :) Great sounding Yamaha D22 Brown Willow 3-piece (sizes 9x13, 16x16, 14x22) from late 1960s. NOW $550 - I'm close to NYC, and fairly easy to meet in tri-state area if you want to pick these up. Wrap...
  18. A

    Help Identifying Vintage Yamaha Drums

    I've had these Yamaha drums since high school, and it was my high school's old set. I've never really known much about them except they were old. Looking into it more, I belive they are 1970's from the Yamaha badge shape. There isn't a model number, and the serial number is only four letters...
  19. J

    Help ID’ing Gretsch kit with concert toms

    I recently picked up this cool, rather old smelling Gretsch kit: 24” x 16” bass drum 16” concert floor tom 15” concert rack tom 14” concert rack tom 13” concert rack tom 18” floor tom (last pic, this one has a reso rim, unlike the others) Also came with a cool 14” x 6” Rogers snare I included...
  20. jmele2

    Unusual 14.5” solid shell snare drum early 1900’s

    Hi guys - found this weird drum online at a price I’m comfortable taking a chance on and it just arrived. The listing said it was a 15” drum, but in actuality it’s 14.5” across. Trying to figure out if I can get plastic/non-calf heads made for it and if it’s worth it. Or maybe just have new...