1. tradrad

    SOLD c.'30/'31 Conn Leedy 6"x15" NOB snare

    For the perusal of those looking for a killer amazing fat backbeat...this Conn Leedy nickel over brass sounds like a punch in gut...dry, fat, controlled yet fairly sensitive at the edges and capable of great brushwork when tuned lower and snares loosened. i've had the pleasure of using this in a...
  2. the pearl

    1956 Ludwig Gold Sparkle kit 2,000 takes all

    2,000 takes all This kit was purchased for the original owner consecutively as he learned to play drums. Unfortunatly Scott (as listed as orignal owner) never learned more then his snare and these drums and their original heads remained untouched. I bought them from the owner in Philly a while...
  3. drfills

    FOR SALE: Vintage Zildjian Cymbal Spring Clean Out!

    Hi All! Did a little spring cleaning of my cymbals and have the following up for grabs if anyone is interested. Will give discounts for multiple cymbals purchased. • Vintage 70s Zildjian 21" Ride Cymbal 2786g - SOLD Nice shape. No cracks or keyholing. • Vintage 60s Zildjian 20" Ride Cymbal...
  4. S

    1970 Ludwig Aquarian

    I was wondering if anyone knew what a 1970 Ludwig Aquarian snare drum would be appraised at.I'm not sure if would exactly be considered vintage but from what I've found it seems to be in that category. I have pictures but am having trouble uploading them from my phone. Heres a link though to an...
  5. S

    Hello! New to the forum and could use some help dating 2 Rogers snares

    Hey everyone, new member here in need of some help. I was steered here by a friend after hours of fruitless online research (not my strong suit). I am trying to accurately date two Rogers snare drums I've had for a long time. I want to make sure they go to a good home, but need some information...
  6. the pearl

    Ludwig Supraphonic survivor ! all original 70s

    This amazing supraphonic is like a time capsule in that it has the original heads still on it . .. original snares all like when it was purchased ... The Original tuning key is attached to the original Case !!! I haven't seen one with all the goodies in some time This was purchased back in 70s...
  7. the pearl

    Leedy & Ludwig Broadway Snare 1950-1954 Blue Sparkle 15"

    leedy broadway snare badge dates to 1950- 1954 - 15" snare - Only changes are new snare wires installed today evans Bottom and top heads- ready for a new home ! $500 or make me the best offer ready to sell ! -- thanks !!!
  8. P

    Looking for Pearl Maple Shell Made in USA Snare

    Hi everyone! So Ive had this Pearl Maple Shell kit for a couple months and after some research it seems to be a Pre-Masters kit from 81-83 that was made in the states. The set is almost complete I'm just missing the snare. I saw one on ebay that was sold last year but that's it. Ive looked...
  9. oneeyedcat

    What Can You Tell Me About These Vintage A Zildjian Hi-Hats?

    Hey guys, just found these in my storage unit. Don't even remember how or where I got them. They look to be in great shape and I'm curious how old you think they might be based on the logos. What do I have here? Thanks in advance for any and all help. Rick
  10. Drum Doctor

    Touch-up Paint for Ludwig Bass Hoops?

    I would like to touch up some worn/chipped bass drum hoops and need some advice on the best match for 60's era Ludwig's. Did they just use regular enamel? or lacquer? How about the finish- appears to be a semi-gloss to me. Any advice on brands or if any special prep work is needed would be...
  11. Johnny D

    Premier Flat Base Cymbal Stand

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy one of these Premier flat base cymbal stands, or just a base section. Thanks, John PS How do I get the photo to rotate 90 degrees? :)
  12. Peterk256

    Sabian experts - what do I have here?

    I just snagged this older 20" Sabian ride cymbal for $70 in a case of GAS. I didn't notice the hammering when I placed a snipe bid. The (obviously machine) hammering looks suspiciously like what I've seen on their B8 (yuck) line but the color doesn't. Can anyone tell me what I have here?
  13. dogmanaut

    Help ID-ing some Ludwigs

    Hi all, I'm just barely starting to dip my toes into the world of vintage drums, and I was hoping someone could help me identify a set of Ludwigs I was looking at. The guy who has them says they're '68 Rockers, but from the little bit of research I've done, it seems like he might be making what...
  14. FloydZKing


    Here's a pretty nice one, condition is good but the wrap is less so. It looks fine from a few feet but there are scratches and fade, as well as a little cracking around 3 o'clock player's side. Mount works fine, older disappearing spurs. As far as I can tell it's all original and it sounds...
  15. S

    Vintage Slingerland Snare Drum

    I found this aqua blue sparkle snare drum awhile ago and am trying to figure out what year and model it is. On the badge it has no serial number and on the inside I could not read what the ink stamp said for the manufacture date. It has a clamshell strainer with a broken lever. Any ideas? I...
  16. messineo21

    Ludwig Tango Snare

    Hello all! I'm am looking for a Ludwig Tango snare drum. I would prefer a 14 inch but am interested in 13 & 15 inch ones as well. Thanks!
  17. Slingerland 18" Floor Tom- internal view

    Slingerland 18" Floor Tom- internal view

    Internal view of 18" Slingerland floor tom from early 1966 with an internal muffler.
  18. Slingerland kit with original calfskin heads and hardware from early '66

    Slingerland kit with original calfskin heads and hardware from early '66

    This is an entire Slingerland kit with original calfskin heads and hardware from early '66.
  19. Slingerland Bass Drum with original calfskin head and external muffler

    Slingerland Bass Drum with original calfskin head and external muffler

    Slingerland bass from early '66 with original calfskin heads and external muffler.
  20. Slingerland Bass Drum with original calfskin head

    Slingerland Bass Drum with original calfskin head

    Slingerland bass from early '66 with original calfskin heads