1. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage 1960s Ludwig Club Dates Custom Painted

    These are now SOLD. Thanks! For sale is a set of Vintage 1960s Ludwig Club Dates that have been custom painted. 12, 14, 22 and 14 Pioneer snare. Finish was terrible upon arrival so decided for a quick spray can of midnight blue with clear flaked top coat to clean them up. Mounted tom finish a...
  2. Kcmcc

    Slingerland blue and silver duco student model snare

    This is a good ol 6 lugger. Single flanged hoops and clips. Mid to late 60s, very nice condition. The cosmetic dings you can see in the photos are the only real issue. Strainer works smoothly. Only selling because I just bought a 70s sound king and I have two student models and this one has less...
  3. Reality_Check

    ***SOLD*** 1967 Slingerland 3-ply Hollywood Ace Snare

    Hey all, I have a special deal for everyone to check out! This is an 8 lug 1967 3-ply Hollywood Ace Snare in a White Pearl wrap. It is in great shape and comes with the original case, stand, and sticks (for nostalgia's sake). This snare has a brand new head on the top but it has the original...
  4. Big Beat

    SOLD: vintage 1910s COB tango drum / banjo drum / single head snare drum

    Here's something you don't see every day. Vintage single headed tango drum (a.k.a. banjo drum), c. 1910s. These were a budget, more compact alternative to a full snare drum and a brief fad that did not catch on - an obscure piece of history. This drum measures approximately 12" in diameter by...
  5. Big Beat

    For Sale: vintage c. 1940s W&A Perfection / Ludwig Miracle / Gretsch hi-hat stand

    Vintage c. 1940s hi-hat stand made by Walberg & Auge. This was branded Perfection, Ludwig Miracle, Gretsch, Leedy... depending on which catalog you were looking at. One of the earliest hi-hat designs, this stand evolved from a lowboy model with the same footboard that pre-dated it, a real piece...
  6. Big Beat

    SOLD: vintage Rogers swan leg hi-hat stand w/ orig. clutch

    Vintage c. 1960s Rogers "swan leg" hi-hat stand. Excellent condition, nice and clean with some typical wear due to age. Original clutch. $200 INCLUDING SHIPPING.
  7. Big Beat

    For Sale: vintage Ludwig Spur Lok Atlas Hi-Hat stand

    Vintage 1960s - 1970s Ludwig Spur Lok Atlas Hi Hat stand. Excellent condition, nice and clean with some typical wear due to age. $150 INCLUDING SHIPPING.
  8. Big Beat

    For Sale: vintage Ludwig Atlas snare drum stand

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Vintage 1960s - 1970s Ludwig Atlas snare drum stand. Excellent condition, clean, with some typical wear due to age. $65 INCLUDING SHIPPING.
  9. G

    What brand of snare is this?

    Hi, First-time poster; new-ish drummer here. I recently bought this snare at a garage sale. Don't see any markings on inside or outside of drum. Wondering if anyone knows the brand / model (if there is one, lol) and/or approximate age. Thanks in advance for your consideration. - G.
  10. Big Beat

    SOLD - 1960s MIJ gold sparkle snare drum - Crown - 10 lugs - very pretty!

    Here's a pretty unusual Crown snare I recently rescued. Unlike most MIJ snares, which are budget models with only 6 or 8 lugs, this one is an obviously deluxe 10-lugger. While most makers seemed to copy Slingerland, these lugs take after Rogers. And that oversized logo is pretty cool - almost...
  11. drumrtommy

    1966 Ludwig Supraphonic SOLD

    Selling this drum, leaving the reverb link because my pictures show up weird otherwise. Asking $260 SHIPPED for DFO members, . Thank you
  12. N

    Identify this bass drum?

    Hoping to learn the maker of this beautiful drum. I also have a matching 13" snare with it. Any ideas on year or maker? Might be looking to sell, so also wondering what price range I should aim for. Thanks!
  13. sonortony35

    Vintage Zildjian A Light Hi Hats 14" - 1970's

    This is a set of vintage Zildjian A Light Hats in very good condition. There is no key-holing on either cymbal and only the tiniest flea bite on the edge of the bottom cymbal. They weigh 796/943 grams they sound great! I am asking $199 for them plus shipping, but am open to offers. Let me...
  14. R

    Paul Humphrey/Jimmy Smith cymbal sound

    I owe a gratitude of debt to Paul Humphrey for laying down some of the slinkiest grooves ever. One of my favorites is his work on Root Down by Jimmy Smith; his drum intro on the title track may be the best drum intro to a groove, ever. Anyway! For years I've been looking for a ride cymbal sound...
  15. dalet

    Hi All, Am new to the forum

    Hello, I'm a new member of the forum and wanted to introduce myself. Name is Dale and I've been playing since elementary school. Got reasonably serious in high school in the 60s and have managed to play ever since in a variety of styles and bands -- rock, country, wedding, concert, orchestra...
  16. M

    Ludwig black/gold duco rack tom

    Hey all, Does anyone out there have an 8x12 or 9x13 Ludwig rack tom in black/gold duco finish or any potential leads on one? I've been searching far and wide for a rack tom to complete my kit for quite some time now. Badge/era doesn't really matter to me... I'm really just trying to get a color...
  17. joepalm

    Vintage Gretsch Kit Value

    Am wondering if any of you vintage collectors/players would give an opinion on the value of the following kit: Gretsch 3 ply Round badge 1955 Blue Sparkle 13, 16, 22 w/ matching 14 x 5 snare All original Very good condition One has come on the market and I would like to know what would be a...
  18. M

    Wanted: Slingerland Parts--13" T-Rod, Bass Drum Claws, Push Button Screws, & Single Flange Claw Hook

    I am looking for a few pieces to restore my 50's Slingerland kit. *(1) 13" Single Tension Rod for the Bass Drum *(3) Threaded Bass Drum Claws *(1) Unthreaded Bass Drum Claw *(3) Push Buttons for Floor Tom Legs *(1) Single Flange Tom Hoop Hook/Claw If you have any of these available please...
  19. markrocks68

    WOW. My first Walberg & Auge kit

    I know the folks here know about this amazingly cool company. It was all new to me up until the last year so a real slice of Americana here with my first Walberg & Auge kit. 14x22 bass drum w/internal dampening control, 9x13 & 10x14 toms and the crazy cool 14x16 FT. This is how they arrived...
  20. k_50

    Look what I just got :)

    I picked up this very groovy 60's Premier kit today. 20x14, 14x8, and 16x16 with a complete set of period correct stands. I also got the matching cob snare, but that one is going to need a little work before it's up and running. Here they are just after unloading at my practice space, set up...