yamaha maple custom

  1. S

    Changed resonant head and added riser on 18" bass drum

    So after being on backorder for several weeks, I finally received my 18" EMAD Ebony resonant head. Here is a video comparing some different sounds. I also added a bass drum riser at the end which made a WORLD of difference. [video=youtube_share;g97dg6pGJW8]
  2. S

    Added my 18" Kick to the Kit~

    Sorry it's just a cell phone video.. forgot my camera at my house. But either way I'm super stoked to have finally put this on my kit!!
  3. S

    Repairing a Broken Bass Drum Hoop

    So after years of searching I finally got my hands on an 18" Yamaha Maple Custom bass drum. . . Unfortunately I received it damaged from shipping. So I went ahead and took this opportunity to try fixing it. Worse case scenario... I search again for a replacement hoop.
  4. S

    wtb: Yamaha Maple Custom Bass Drum Vintage Natural finish

    I'm in search of a more rare hard to find bass drum. I'm looking for an 18" Yamaha Maple Custom natural vintage finish bass drum. I'd prefer the custom series with gold lugs vs the absolute with chrome. I am however getting to the point where I'm giving up so I will negotiate on a 20" or 22"...
  5. sillyilly

    Some more jazz

    here's a clip from a really fun gig I did last night with a piano player up from Detroit. great tunes, awesome players, FUN! nice YMC backline kit too, 14x18, 8x10, 14x14 with my '68 supra 400, mix of Z and Sabian cymbals.