1. T

    Cleaning up Yamaha badges

    I recently bought a Yamaha Absolute Maple kit and I absolutely adore it. It has some minor blemishes, but I am fully attached to making it look and sound as good as it can possibly can. The biggest problem that needs solving (if possible) is cleaning up the badges on the kit. Specifically the...
  2. J

    **SOLD** Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist 5 piece relist

    Hi all - I'm relisting my Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist kit. I was having issues with my prior email so had to get a new account. Anyway, I've really priced it to move, the only problem is it is local pickup in Northern Virginia. Here is the kit. I'm the original owner, I bought it new so...
  3. R

    Been offered 2 snares

    I recently bought a ‘60s Yamaha D-20 shell and tried to find the matching snare somewhere. Some friend of the guy I bought the kit from has these 2 for about $282 usd ($200.000 clp according to google). Is the price right, should I ask for a lower price?
  4. J

    Wanted: Roy Haynes Signature Snare Drum

    Hello, I'm seeking a Roy Haynes Signature copper snare drum. I am very serious about getting one. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. I understand they are difficult to find, but I am willing to pay well. Thanks!
  5. C

    Looking for pipes of e-drum kit

    Hi there, I am missing the long two pipes from my Yamaha DTXplorer and was wondering if somebody knows where to get those close to Toronto (or somewhere in Canada)? I read that almost all e-drums have the same OD of 1.5". So any other model would work as well I guess as long as they are long...
  6. dunnenrb


  7. D

    DW Performance vs Yamaha Tour Custom

    I’d like to know your oppinions about these drum sets and which and why you like the most. Personally, I think Yamaha did an amazing job with the sound of the last tour customs series at that price. I’m looking for an all-around and versatile kit and recently found a deal of a used lacquer dw...
  8. dunnenrb


    One of the greatest snare's I've ever owned. Everyone should have one of these in their arsenal! I already have one in green sparkle and got this one as part of a package deal and I don't need two. Extremely clean overall, no damage or funny business. Asking $400 + shipping OBO. Rob
  9. F

    Recording custom?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me the year this Yamaha snare drum came out? I’m thinking it’s either 89 or 99. And is this still considered a recording custom even if the model number only says SD096? Thanks!
  10. dsop

    [SOLD] Yamaha HS-1200 Double Braced Hi Hat Stand $170

  11. bconrad


    Asking $50 plus shipping and fees. https://rvrb.io/2018-ss-3-crosstow-bphy9m
  12. bconrad

    Yamaha 6.5x14 Recording Custom 1.2mm Brass Snare Drum Brass

    Asking $499 shipped in the lower 48. Trades? Hit me up. https://rvrb.io/6-5x14-recording-c-by0hzu
  13. F

    SOLD Yamaha 14" x 12" Deep Snare

    SOLD, thanks to all who checked out the listing. This is my first Marketplace post here, so some quick background: - Buying and selling on eBay since 1999 - Buying and selling on TalkBass since 2004 - Joined Drumforum in 2015 - Buying and selling on Reverb since 2016 This is a 14" x 12"...
  14. UptownShakedown

    Yamaha Steve Jordan Signature Snare (6.5x13) - SOLD

    Anyone who knows drums knows this is a killer. Great crack, very versatile tuning range, easy on the eyes and reasonably priced. Yamaha doesn't make their signature series anymore so these are getting harder to find, especially in great condition like this and at such a low serial number. Very...
  15. B

    Drum kits for sale. Ludwig/Yamaha

    Ludwig centennial silver sparkle Finish has a gold tint to it now 12x8, 16x15, 24x16 Good sounding drums in good condition All remo heads $800. Ludwig centennial 14x13 silver sparkle Bought new in February. Was a store return due to damaged box. Drum is in great condition. No floor tom legs...
  16. W

    SOLD - Yamaha Akira Jimbo Signature Snare (metal hoops)

    Hi everyone, I'm selling an Akira Jimbo sig. snare with replacement metal hoops. I'm not sure of the make of the hoops as it had these when I picked it up but it is in excellent used condition. I'm new to the forum but have sold a lot on reverb and have excellent feedback. Here's a link to my...
  17. B

    Ludwig Centennial & Yamaha stage custom for sale

    I have a Ludwig centennial kit for sale The kit is silver sparkle finish but now has a sort of ginger ale look to it, except on the 14” floor tom. sizes are: 12x8; have to add slight pressure to get the top head on but goes on and tunes up amazing 14x13; brand new out of the box, just bought...
  18. bconrad


    Good condition, just not using it, and it’s never been out of the house. Comes with Yamaha snare trigger. Asking $380 shipped in the lower-48.
  19. bconrad


  20. drummerboy7

    Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta Snare Drum

    I am selling an ultra rare Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta Snare in a turquoise finish. Drum is in great condition, I absolutely love the sound of this snare. These snare's are no longer made and are highly sought after collector drums. I am asking $1390+ shipping for the snare. Size: Maple - 14" x 4...