1. U

    Yamaha Steve Jordan Signature Snare (6.5x13)

    Anyone who knows drums knows this is a killer. Great crack, very versatile tuning range, easy on the eyes and reasonably priced. Yamaha doesn't make their signature series anymore so these are getting harder to find, especially in great condition like this and at such a low serial number. Very...
  2. B

    Drum kits for sale. Ludwig/Yamaha

    Ludwig centennial silver sparkle Finish has a gold tint to it now 12x8, 16x15, 24x16 Good sounding drums in good condition All remo heads $800. Ludwig centennial 14x13 silver sparkle Bought new in February. Was a store return due to damaged box. Drum is in great condition. No floor tom legs...
  3. W

    SOLD - Yamaha Akira Jimbo Signature Snare (metal hoops)

    Hi everyone, I'm selling an Akira Jimbo sig. snare with replacement metal hoops. I'm not sure of the make of the hoops as it had these when I picked it up but it is in excellent used condition. I'm new to the forum but have sold a lot on reverb and have excellent feedback. Here's a link to my...
  4. B

    Ludwig Centennial & Yamaha stage custom for sale

    I have a Ludwig centennial kit for sale The kit is silver sparkle finish but now has a sort of ginger ale look to it, except on the 14” floor tom. sizes are: 12x8; have to add slight pressure to get the top head on but goes on and tunes up amazing 14x13; brand new out of the box, just bought...
  5. bconrad


    Good condition, just not using it, and it’s never been out of the house. Comes with Yamaha snare trigger. Asking $380 shipped in the lower-48.
  6. bconrad


  7. drummerboy7

    Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta Snare Drum

    I am selling an ultra rare Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta Snare in a turquoise finish. Drum is in great condition, I absolutely love the sound of this snare. These snare's are no longer made and are highly sought after collector drums. I am asking $1390+ shipping for the snare. Size: Maple - 14" x 4...
  8. E

    Yamaha Club Custom 16"x15" Dark Wood Floor Tom

    Yamaha Club Custom 16"x15" Dark Wood Floor Tom $650 obo + shipping Excellent condition! https://reverb.com/item/21169446-yamaha-club-custom-16-x15-floor-tom-dark-wood?publish_confirmation=true
  9. K

    Wanted: Yamaha 60's kit (C-200, D-20)

    Hey! I've been trying to get a hold of a Yamaha 60's kit in any wrap (though mainly golden dragon, willow, or blue thunder), in at least decent playing condition. I know some of these have kits have reinforcement rings, would definitely prefer that. Snare or no snare. I'm in Philadelphia ...
  10. S

    Added my 18" Kick to the Kit~

    Sorry it's just a cell phone video.. forgot my camera at my house. But either way I'm super stoked to have finally put this on my kit!!
  11. S

    Repairing a Broken Bass Drum Hoop

    So after years of searching I finally got my hands on an 18" Yamaha Maple Custom bass drum. . . Unfortunately I received it damaged from shipping. So I went ahead and took this opportunity to try fixing it. Worse case scenario... I search again for a replacement hoop.
  12. L

    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

    Trying to find a floor tom to go with my kit (natural, see pic attached) UK based
  13. C

    Yamaha Tom Mount Modification for lower bass drum rack toms

    Check out my video on how to mod your Yamaha ball and socket tom arm. I had been meaning to do this for like a year. I thought of many ways to do it. Then the lightbulb went off after I finished replacing some plumbing valves under my bathroom sink...
  14. Mathew Hamilton

    Frustrated Yamaha Live Custom owner

    Hello, As a LiveCustom owner, I'm sure that I can speak for many of my fellow drummers who own these kits that we would have appreciated a heads up (6months to a year) that the LiveCustom Oak kits & colours were going to be discontinued. Only dealers were given this info in the fall of 2018...
  15. BNK

    Remo P3 White Suede bass drum reso ?

    Thinking about giving the Powerstroke 3 "White Suede" a try as my bass drum reso head and wondering how well vinyl decals adhere to this textured finish?. I like to put the Yamaha logo on aftermarket heads and while I prefer a coated P3, the vinyl peels off over time on these heads.
  16. imthebeat

    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Lugs

    Looking for 10 in excellent condition, these are the one screw type with a post that doesn't go through the shell. I need them for a 5.5 " snare but I believe same were used for tom drums. Thanks
  17. drummerboy7

    Yamaha Recording Custom 40th Anniversary Drums.. SOLD

    I am selling a very rate Yamaha Recording Custom drum set in a limited temple gold finish. These drums carry on the legacy of the most recorded drums in history and are great for session work or live playing. Mounting hardware and tom arms are included with the drums. Original commemorative bass...
  18. jmato

    Yamaha Power V Special - Worth It?

    I think I can pick up a shell pack in white for $200. Made in England. The wrap is destroyed on the kick (and maybe others), and apparently there are some hardware "issues" on which I am trying to get additional details. These would be a project for me, as I would need to re-wrap the kick at...
  19. camfulp1129

    Drum Kit info , Mike Kennedy, George Strait

    Maybe some of drum gurus can help me out on a few things ...mike was one of my personal drum hero’s and passed way to soon. I have had it on my mind to recreate the touring kit he played with Strait for all those years. As far as I know that the kit is a Yamaha Maple Custom, but I had a few...
  20. S

    Converted Yamaha Live Custom Oak floor tom into a snare drum

    Had a friend who loved the PDP snare drum I made ask me to turn his Yamaha Oak Custom floor tom into a snare drum also. It turned out beautiful!!!