1. sixplymaple

    My Playing From 2012

    I came across this video from 9 years ago when I was only 20 years young. It’s me playing the kit for a contest. Only a minute long. It’s really cool to look back at stuff like this just to see how much I’ve progressed. It’s also fun identifying my old habits and limitations on the kit. I’ve...
  2. J

    Drum Covers

    Hi All, I've been dropping some drum covers over on YouTube whilst I'm not out gigging (Lockdown etc.) Head over and check them out! Please please hit SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the videos! You will really be helping a young channel grow! Thanks a lot!
  3. R

    New Channel and some programming/content...

    Hey All, I started (or rather re-started after a decade) a YouTube channel. Inspired by our current situation, it is called, for now, “Quarantine Music” (I’ll need something better when this is all over!). Lots of short clips with lessons, how to’s, instrument demos, photo essays and visual...
  4. Drum_Behm

    Solid Drums Switzerland - Short Movie I Made

    Hello everybody, I had the chance to visit Solid Drums in Switzerland lately. We made this movie during my two-day visit: Btw: Christoph will also be at NAMM 2020.
  5. gbow

    Youtube vids of cover songs, licensing

    Who puts videos of their live shows, with cover songs, on youtube? What sort of licensing do you obtain? Any advice? Thanks in advance. gabo
  6. StiGy

    Only YouTube Drummer will understand - Copyright Strikes funny video...

    HiI! this post is for YouTube Drummers only cause the rest won't understand what its all about - so don't say i didn't warn you! Have fun! StiGy..
  7. StiGy

    `Hello` the Drumless sing, now with drums!

    Hey Fellow Drummers ! i hat some idea to bring drums to this new song of adele.. the song is amazingly powerful with adele`s superb singing - i wanted to add and amplify that power and this is what i done: What do you think? (i know that this is not tight in the time, its clearly impossible...
  8. SteveDilksDrums

    YouTube Red - Are they seriously making contributors sign up?

    Hi All, It looks like YouTube is finally coming out with a paid subscription service. It will be packed with more features and exclusive content than the unpaid version and will cost $9.99/Month. What I didn't know until yesterday is that YouTube is making all contributors (people that post...
  9. StiGy

    `Dont Stop Me Now`DRUM COVER - new thinking..

    Hey good people! Just wanted to share this DRUM COVER and ask what you think of it, im a YouTube Drummer and i upload a lot videos so its very important for me what the Drummers think :laughing6: .. this is `Dont Stop Me Now and this my last covers, did i improved...
  10. StiGy

    Hear my DRUM COVER - tell me what you think!

    I`m i YouTube Drummer and i upload video every week, you opinion very important for me! so pls comment..
  11. StiGy

    Hear my DRUM COVER - tell me what you think!

    I`m i YouTube Drummer and i upload video every week, you opinion very important for me! so pls comment..
  12. SteveDilksDrums

    Drum Covers and Remix Videos!

    Check out my drum covers and remixes. All three are linked below. Enjoy!! The Holly Springs Disaster - Absolute Balderdash - Drum Cover Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy - Drum Remix Chrispy - Inspector Gadget Theme Remix - Drum Remix Cheers!
  13. 180drums

    180 Drums - Online Drum Lessons (Thoughts?)

    Hey DrumForum guys! My name's Jake Nicolle and I've just launched a brand new Online Drum Lessons Website, alongside my business partner Steve Augustine, called 180 Drums. I'd LOVE to hear what you guys think about the site and what you like/don't like. Here's a couple links to show you some...
  14. maxadrums

    Pearl Jam - Go (Drum Cover)

    Hey guys! I uploaded a drum cover of Go by Pearl Jam last week. Such a fun tune to play! Any feedback is greatly welcome.
  15. & You Dont Stop

    Link to Video File page featured in General?

    Its pretty popular to share cool drumming videos we find on youtube of popular or up and coming drummers, but yet the submissions of DFO members are filed away in the "basesment' of the forum home page where few members bother to browse. I think the work of our own members should have equal...
  16. Eric Sheppard Drums

    New Paramore Drum Cover!

    Hey everyone! If you have checked out my YouTube page before, you know I am a huge fan of progressive metal bands. However, I decided to start adding different genres of songs to give my page some diversity. This is why I chose the song "Still Into You" by Paramore. Thank you so much for...
  17. River

    Cool drum vid

    #t=269 Intro to drums Not sure if that's been posted already, but if you haven't seen it, it's worth a watch. Just the choreography of the video is impressive with the drumset being brought in piece by piece. And the band turns on a dime. Cool stuff.
  18. N

    Do you like our Come Together version?

    Hi all! With my new band I've done this video song!!! I would like to know what you will improve and what you don't like in the song and in my drum style! Thanks!!!! :D