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    Rival Town - Run - Drum Cover

    Super grateful that my covers are starting to get noticed. I had a band out of Canada write me and told me they loved my covers and asked if i would do one of their new song they just released. I was. more than happy to do so! i think it's great to help try to support bands and music any way we...
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    Highly Suspect - Little One - Drum Cover

    This song helps my cope with the loss of our Zoey Rose... She was our family Akita and my daughters best friend. It's been a struggle for me and I miss her so much. But she'll forever be in our hearts and she'll never be forgotten. This is my newest drum cover. Little One by Highly Suspect...
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    Chicago 25 or 6 to 4

    Youtube finally released my original cover I did. It kept getting blocked and I had to change the tuning down to get around that but it sounded awful. So finally now I can post this Rock version cover. This is done in my style. I absolutely love Chicago and had a blast covering this song. All...
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    Megadeth - Hangar 18

    I absolutely love this song. Such a powerhouse blast to play on the drums. Nick Menza was a killer drummer! I played this more my way but still wanted to keep his vibe alive. I feel I also really dialed in my drum mix the best so far on this cover! I'm not using any plugs in, just standard EQ...
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    Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Drum Cover)

    My newest video. I really enjoyed playing this song! Was a lot of fun to just have fun! All comments/Feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Golden Cobra - Limp Bizkit

    Not a lot will admit it.. but I'll say! I love Limp Bizkit hahaha Golden Cobra YA'LL.....!