1. Findog

    Looking for a Zildjian K Constantinople

    Hey everyone! I would absolutely love to have a Zildjian K Constantinople 20” ride. If you have one, please pm me, reply or hit me up at [email protected]
  2. D

    SOLD OFF SITE 14" Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats

    Dirty and patina showing. Top weight is 1066 g and bottom weight is 1358 g Top hat has a scratch as pictured. Not deep and seems to be a surface scratch. Can’t feel it if I run my finger over it, but can if I use my finger nail. Still in good shape and aging nicely. Pictures try to show some of...
  3. SaranacJack

    SOLD - Zildjian K Custom Special Dry set (21/16/18/hats) for Noble & Cooley

    Purchased for a project that never materialized, only imperfection is a very slight scratch on the ride as pictured. Also for sale, but if you have a SS 7 x 14” or 3 7/8” x 14” Noble & Cooley I’m open for a trade.... long shot, I know. Sound file for 21” ride: From Zildjian website - The...
  4. G

    Zildjian Quick Beats

    I'm new to the forum, thank you in advance for tolerating my ignorance. I picked up a pair of what were advertised as Quick Beats 15" from a local music equipment reseller yesterday. Somewhat impulsive, but I'm a vintage equipment guy and got caught up in the moment. I'm trying to get more...
  5. drumrtommy

    Zildjian 18" K Custom Break Beat Remix Ride *SOLD*

    This is a hard to find gem, has a nice dry but open sound and has a full, not explosive crash. Use it for jazz, theater, small gigs, or even rock! Has a nice bell. Slight flea bite as pictured. Asking 200 Shipped, Here is an actual sound file: https://soundcloud.com/tommy-acedo/sets/gear