zildjian k

  1. Findog

    Looking for a Zildjian K Constantinople

    Hey everyone! I would absolutely love to have a Zildjian K Constantinople 20” ride. If you have one, please pm me, reply or hit me up at [email protected]
  2. mikepmcde

    Cymbal game

    well everyone, here are two pics of some crazy rare zildjians. id like to think that my collection is pretty valuable, and id like to thank everyone for helping me locate some cymbals that were on my list to collect. Let me know what u think! ill try and upload sound demos this next week if i...
  3. Hugh Jass

    What sounds like a Zildjian K Pre-aged Dry Light?

    What sounds like a Zildjian K Pre-aged Dry Light that is currently in production? I’ve seen these pop up in recent forum discussions. I’ve never played one. What is their defining magic?
  4. sw532121

    SOLD - Zildjian 15" K Light HiHats - $349 - SOLD

    For sale is one month old set of 15" K Light HiHats. 1135/1321 on my home scale. Price is shipped and pp'd in the Continental U.S. I'd be interested in trading for (or towards) a set of 15" Agop Signature hats or 15" Agop 30th Anniversary hats. I'm relatively new here, but HERE is a link to...
  5. T

    BRAND NEW Zildjian Ks

    Brand new Zildjian Ks. Absolutely not issues both cosmetic or functional. Pics for reference to show condition but happy to send additional pictures. Shipping not included in price (need to calculate based on location. 24” Zildjian K Light Ride - $400 (3 available) SOLD 20” Zildjian K Dark...
  6. RustyNails

    Affordable Jazz Cymbals? Zildjian K Alternatives?

    Hi there, I'm new to jazz drumming and I'm looking to get some cymbals, mainly hi-hats and a ride to practice some bebop and swing grooves at home. I love the sound of Zildjian K cymbals, but they're super expensive, even used. I'm not gigging, just playing alone in my room, so I don't need...
  7. drums147

    Remove Stick Marks from Custom Dark Crash K Zildjian

    Greetings! I just picked up a used Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash and it has stick marks on it . . . not bad, but they bug me . . . :confused2: What is the trick to get these off without loosing the logos? I have never been too worried about such things, but I would like to keep this one nice...
  8. grunta57

    Vintage Boosey & Hawkes Ajax Drum Kit

    [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:833] Here's my kit that I found was stored for years by an old family friend. I need a bit of information please: 1) Is the colour Pastel Green Pearl Necralaque (someone on another forum quoted this and it sounded like it could be that colour).....No it's 1958 Blue...
  9. G

    Information on my vintage Zildjian cymbal?? HELP!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I see a lot of well-informed drum gurus here and I have a mystery cymbal I know nothing about! This cymbal came with a drum set I bought awhile back and I got it for next to nothing, as it was an addition to the set. I had a friend tell me that it is a...