1. Sammybear

    SOLD....22" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium (2818g)

    For Sale (Re-listed): 22" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium (2818g). Mint Condition. Purchased July 2019. Very light use. Beautiful cymbal. SOLD
  2. S

    shootout: Zildjian K Light 15" hats vs. Mehmet Dark Origin 15" hats

    Well - here's a thing I've been meaning to do for a while. I scored some Mehmet Dark Origin 15" hihats on one of those crazy Amazon blowout prices late last year - I think I paid $168 for the pair new. I liked them fine - but then hanging on this forum, surfing the net, and generally obsessing...
  3. Ddrummer23

    SOLD: Sabian AA 16” extra thin crash $55/reduced price

    Very good condition Sabian AA extra thin crash 16"...some fingerprints and fading on the ink but otherwise there are no cracks or keyholing. If you look close you can see the Canada stamp. If you have any questions or would like more pics just let me know. I will ship at buys cost. Thx for...
  4. SaranacJack


    $850 plus shipping from Baltimore, MD area. Purchased for a project that never materialized, only imperfection is a very slight scratch on the ride as pictured. Sound file for 21” ride: From Zildjian website - The Dry Cymbal Set features cymbals from Zildjian’s popular K Custom Special Dry...
  5. dunnenrb


    Got a great 22" MTL weighing in at 2532g. Some slight patina and light stick marks - beautiful cymbal here. $350 plus shipping
  6. SaranacJack

    ALL SOLD 50s, 60s, 70s & 90s Various Zildjian Rides (Jazz, Rock & Flat Top) - Sound files

    Changing the guard from old A's to buy a Noble & Cooley piccolo snare. Owned most of these for decades, ready to pass them on. Prices + actual shipping from Baltimore, MD area. Make an offer for multiple cymbals! Sound files below for these cymbals: * 1960s 22" Ride, 3,031g ($115) SOLD...
  7. Sammybear

    SOLD....20" Zildjian K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 1802g (2019) ***Reduced***

    For Sale: 20" Zildjian K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 1802g in excellent condition, purchased in 2019. Some stick marks may be present due to sampling and some light playing. $325 $290 + Shipping SOLD
  8. Sammybear

    SOLD....18" Kerope 1330g (2019)

    Almost brand new beautiful 18" Kerope cymbal. Very lightly used at home only. Purchased in 2019. Weighs in at 1330g. Some very faint stick marks may be present due to sampling and some light playing. $250 + Shipping (Firm.....for now) :) SOLD
  9. SaranacJack

    4 x 14" Zildjian Hi-Hat Singles (3 x bottoms and 1 x top)

    $80 each, shipped to the lower 48. Grab any pair for $150 shipped to the lower 48. Take them all off my hands for $240 shipped to the lower 48 (Buy 3 get 1 free!). A Quick Beat Hi-Hat (Bottom) - 1970s Hollow Logo A New Beat Hi Hat (Bottom) #1 - 1980s to early 1990s 3rd Generation A New...
  10. drumrtommy

    Zildjian 16” K custom Session Crash

    greay condition, no cracks or keyholes just looking to downsize, very little patina. Don’t have an accurate weight. Asking $160 shipped thanks
  11. drumrtommy

    Zildjian A custom 16” Crash

    hey y’all! I have a 16 a custom crash, no dings or keyholes. Just looking to move, sorry don’t have a weight and only have a bathroom scale. Asking $150 shipped
  12. F

    Rare, vintage, prototype, and special cymbals

    Open to reasonable offers. danafitzsimons@msn.com Paiste 22” Sound Creation Dark Ride. Rivets drilled by Paiste. No cracks, chips, or keyhole. Sounds like Paul Motian’s later era ride. 3243 grams. $850 Zildjian 1960s 20” Istanbul K Old K ride. @2281 grams. No issues. $1250 Zildjian 1960s 18”...
  13. H

    60s Vintage cymbals - Zildjian and Zilco by Azco

    These are the cymbals from the Slingerland kit I posted in the drums for sale forum. Two 18 inch cymbals, one is a Zildjian and one is "Zilco by Azco." Plus a 13" hi-hat - unsure of the brand. I'll welcome freedback from those more cymbal savvy than myself as to the make, model, value, etc.
  14. Ely

    Price Drops - Ely's Spring Cleaning Sale

    I have a bunch of cymbals I would like to sell off to help fund my Oriollo phantom kit. I will post each cymbal with a brief description of its' condition as well as price shipped to the lower 48. We can negotiate shipping if you are in Canada. I can get gram weights for all of them tonight...
  15. drummerboy7

    Zildjian K's (Kerope, Special Dry, Dark Thin)

    Hello, I am selling a few cymbals that are part of my collection I don't use. Im in the middle of making plans to move and need to thin out my inventory. All of the cymbals are either in excellent condition or like new. Prices are below. - 22" Kerope Ride Cymbal: Weight: 2414 g. Asking $310+...
  16. Sammybear

    *SOLD* Zildjian 22" K Con Med Thin Low (2496g) cymbal- New *Reduced*

    For Sale: Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low (2496g) cymbal-Brand New! Great sounding cymbal, great weight. Brand new! Some stick marks may be present due to sampling. Works great as a ride or crash! $385 + Shipping SOLD
  17. brya0125

    DELETE Zildjian 21” A Sweet Ride available for trade

    I’ve got a 21” Sweet Ride in great shape. From the pre-redesign era, 2000s probably. Clean with no damage. Looking for an A Custom 22” Regular or Ping Ride. Also interested in a 22” Sabian Paragon Ride. Interested in other Zildjians as well! Let me know!
  18. Josh Garside-Meyers

    Zildjian K Con Medium Thin Low 22"

  19. SaranacJack

    Rogers Swivo swan leg stands and cymbals for newer Zildjian K’s

    I have 3 x Rogers Swivo swan leg cymbal stands, a 1950s 16” Zildjian hi-hat bottom, a 1970s 21” Zildjian Rock Ride and a 1990s 16” Sabian HH med crash (links to Reverb listings below). Also available, though not listed on Reverb: Swivo bass pedal and Ludwig speed king bass pedal both from the...
  20. aparker2005

    18" Zildjian Oriental Classic China for 19" K China

    Looking to swap my excellent condition 18" Zildjian Oriental Classic China for a 19" K China. New model logo or the old brilliant ones preferred. The classic china's have been discontinued and the 18" size is getting ever hard to find. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!