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  2. mikepmcde

    k Constantinople

    Hello all! last night i went to see the great John Kilzilarmut and asked him about his cymbals. He had the best k light flat ride id ever heard but what caught my attention was his 22” k constantinople. it was less weight that any K con id ever seen at around 2000g. it also had a thin ink stamp...
  3. F


    All sold
  4. bon viesta

    i want zildjian a avedis, but i would clean off the patina

    i’m wondering if cymbal cleaner would even take the patina off of them, but if it could i would. i like the sound, the look, the whole vibe of avedis cymbals but i absolutely want to take off the patina and logo. has anyone else done this? would it ruin them? structurally i mean, with tarnish...
  5. bon viesta

    mitch mitchell-esque cymbal sound: giant beats or a avedis??

    washy, prominent, cascading sizzles (as per a few rivets) and just overall “lushness” is the vocabulary i would use to describe the cymbal sound of mitch mitchell, and the cymbal sound i want to be able to get. my idea for sizes are 14, 17-18 crash, a 20 inch ride with rivets, and a nice crashy...
  6. F

    Professional, custom, and artist cymbals.

    Professional, custom, and artist cymbals. I’m changing my sounds up and letting some nice ones go. 20” Paul Francis prototype A Zildjian medium light flat ride. 2200 grams. $300 20” Bosphorus Syncopation SW ride with 3 rivets. 1800 grams. Used for one recording session. $300 20” Bosphorus...
  7. LAViking

    Ping Ride - Which One Should I Try First?

    Finally received my ping rides. Which one should I try first. Decisions, decisions…
  8. J

    Zildjian flat rides

    Hi there. I was hoping to get some thoughts on zildjian flat rides and their general value. I hear the 18" size is more rare....? Thinking about picking one up used near Chicago. Thanks!
  9. S

    FS: Zildjian K custom 17" Dark Crash

    I have a 17" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash for sale. Looking for $275 shipped. It's a great cymbal but I mostly play Sabian and have no need for this in my collection. No cracks or key marks. Price is shipped in the states. Any questions just ask!
  10. MelvinJones

    Help with stamps - 15" Zildjian Hi-Hats

    Hi y'all, Just picked up a nice set of Zildjian 15" hi-hats. The seller was estimating them as 70's era hats. I'm looking at the stamps and they look like they might be two different styles. I'm thinking they might be a pair that was "matched-up" by a drummer later on. Probably New Beats? One...
  11. B

    Zildjian k session crash 18”

    Zildjian k session crash 18” Good condition no issues $275 plus shipping. PayPal accepted
  12. L

    Sold! Cyber Monday wins! Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Light Ride 2422grams

    Price reduction! The stick is so dry, you could choke on it. But that definition is so cool though. It looks as though this has been discontinued, which is surprising but maybe just not a hip sound anymore. Either way, this is a ride I haven't used in a couple of years so it's time for it to...
  13. L

    Gone! Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 2488grams - Prototype

    I got this a while back at a Zildjian-sponsored clinic at the LIDC. Zildjians' Paul Francis was on hand and they were getting ready to release the Adam Nussbaum Ride and a 20" version of the Kenny Washington Bounce ride. They brought a bunch of pre-production samples and Paul took a couple of...
  14. B

    Drum mics/Yamaha hardware/ etc

    Yamaha hi hat stand $150 Yamaha cymbal stand $100 Heavy snare stand with adjustable ends $100 Audix d2 mic $100 5 piece mic set new in box $100 Ddrum kick pedal $60 Tama/ddrum hi hat stand $100 Yamaha subkick $800 shipping available for everything
  15. dunnenrb

    24" Istanbul Agop Joey Waronker Ride

    Help me fund a Jenkins Martin kit Cymbal Sale Istanbul Agop 24" Signature Joey Waronker Ride. I purchased this cymbal new in 2016 and have moved away from larger cymbals in general. This is an extremely nice sounding specimen. It has a great glassy attack with a dark undertone. No keyholing...
  16. bon viesta

    how much would you pay for late 50s era zildjian??

    as a bass player now, and also coming of age, i find that i seriously need to find my own ways to make and spend money on things i want. no more mommy and daddy. and the other day i remembered i had a little trove of cymbals i don’t use anymore under my bed, and i've become a little out of touch...
  17. V

    Help Identifying 2 Zildjian Crashes' DOP

    I came across these 2 Zildjian crashes and they look like they are from the 60s. But since I'm in Brazil and in a "remote" area on top of it, I'm finding highly unlikely that that is the case. If they are indeed from the 60s it would be the firsts from that period I see here since forever, i...
  18. Luigithedrummer

    Keyhole in heavy ride

    Back in the mid 90s I played a three night gig. When I packed up I found that the plastic Tama wing nut/sleeve had slipped up just a fraction but that had allowed the cymbal to make contact with the metal of the stand and left a keyhole. The cymbal is a 24” Zildjian K Heavy Ride. Still a...
  19. Hugh Jass

    15” Hi Hats: Zildjian K Kerope vs Custom Special Dry?

    Anyone have experience or thoughts on 15” Zildjian K Kerope vs 15” Zildjian K Custom Special Dry? My local shops dont stock both so I unfortunately cannot compare them before buying. I’m playing Jazz, Blues, and Soul. Occasionally Blues Rock. Other cymbals in my kit are a 17” Zildjian K...
  20. J

    **SOLD** Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist 5 piece relist

    Hi all - I'm relisting my Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist kit. I was having issues with my prior email so had to get a new account. Anyway, I've really priced it to move, the only problem is it is local pickup in Northern Virginia. Here is the kit. I'm the original owner, I bought it new so...