1. DelawareDrummerCG

    **DRUM CAM** play through of new song.

    This is rehearsal of my bands new song but from a drum view. we are a punk band from Newark DE and we are called The Checkered Heroes. please check us out on facebook.
  2. S

    How to get a fat drum sound?

    I'm talking about that loose, funky Al Green sound. What drums/heads should I use to get that sound? How is each drum tuned? The snare is obviously super loose on the batter and the resonant tight, with loose snare wires. But that's all I know. What cymbals should I use? Sticks, etc? Need...
  3. drummerfish


    for those here in so-cal, i was just at the sam ash at ontario mills (roughly a hour from hollywood) and they just got a ton (and i do mean a ton) of used drums, stands, cases, pedals, cymbals, some road cases with mixers, speakers, gongs and other road worthy items. unfortunately a fellow...
  4. S

    How tight is this snare?

    That's a Slingerland Sound King snare. To me it sounds tight, but not sure about the wires. Any guesses?
  5. S

    What sticks are these?

    What sticks is he using?
  6. Fernandogdrums

    Afro-Peruvian/Moroccan Drum & Bass Duo

    Hey guys here is a new drum video I uploaded to youtube. Me and my buddy Omar have been messing around with some different rhythms from Peru and Morocco. Here is a little example of that... Let me know what you think! -Fern
  7. G

    Information on my vintage Zildjian cymbal?? HELP!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I see a lot of well-informed drum gurus here and I have a mystery cymbal I know nothing about! This cymbal came with a drum set I bought awhile back and I got it for next to nothing, as it was an addition to the set. I had a friend tell me that it is a...
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