1. Hugh Jass

    15” Hi Hats: Zildjian K Kerope vs Custom Special Dry?

    Anyone have experience or thoughts on 15” Zildjian K Kerope vs 15” Zildjian K Custom Special Dry? My local shops dont stock both so I unfortunately cannot compare them before buying. I’m playing Jazz, Blues, and Soul. Occasionally Blues Rock. Other cymbals in my kit are a 17” Zildjian K...
  2. J

    **SOLD** Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist 5 piece relist

    Hi all - I'm relisting my Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist kit. I was having issues with my prior email so had to get a new account. Anyway, I've really priced it to move, the only problem is it is local pickup in Northern Virginia. Here is the kit. I'm the original owner, I bought it new so...
  3. Manuel_Capolupo

    Zildjian K Custom Dry Complex Ride II 20" or 24"

    Hello drummers! I already have a 22" K custom Dry Complex ride (first serie) and i love it, so I'm searching k custom dry complex ride II of 20 or 24. Someone could help me? Thanks a lot. Ciao from italy !
  4. E

    New Zildjian K Constantinople - bent edge? damage in showroom?

    Greetings, I have just purchased and received a new 20" Zildjian K Constantinople ride cymbal. It was shipped internally so I could pick it up, and it was handed to me by the big chain store employee in a plastic bag with no other protection. Upon inspection at home, I have discovered a dent /...
  5. A

    (Wanted) Zildjian A custom hi hats

    Probably a long shot, but would someone be willing to sell me a pair of used zildjian a custom hi hats for not too much, don't really care about condition provided it isn't cracked. I'm 17 and definitely can't afford to pay full price for them with uni coming up :).
  6. UptownShakedown

    Zildjian 20'' Sweet Crash

    Hey DFO, selling this 20 inch Zildjian Sweet Crash. Pretty much as close to new, lightly used as possible. Bought new from Guitar Center online, played it for a day and realized it wasn't for me. Great cymbal and very versatile but I think the cluster crash or something thinner would pair best...
  7. A

    Traditional finish cymbal cleaner

    Hello, I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm French. I have a little problem ... I play on Zildjian S Familly cymbals which are brilliant finishes except my china which is a Zildjian ZHT ( https://reverb.com/en/item/10502329-zildjian-zht-16-china ), a traditional finish cymbal. I cleaned the S...
  8. S

    Zildjian K Billy Drummond prototype

    Hi everyone! This is a long shot to be sure but I’m here in search of a Zildjian 22” Billy Drummond prototype ride. I think there was just a small batch of them at Steve Maxwell K day in 2015. It looks like a Kerope with a smaller bell. If anyone has one I would love to buy it or make a trade...
  9. IJR


    Hello! I have been buying used rides online to try and am selling most now. I always listen to a soundfile before buying, so hopefully these are good specimens. I'll put them up on Reverb if they stay on the forum for a while. =========================================================== -All...
  10. 2and4

    SOLD 1990's Zildjian K Custom 20"

    Zildjian K Custom 20 inch. 2855 gm. The original Dave Weckl inspired 1990's K Custom. I'm the original owner. Was my go to for years, would like it to be used more than I use it! Cymbal in good condition, has the usual markings from the K customs of that era. Looking for $150 shipped
  11. T

    Drum and Cymbal Closeout

    Hi my music store Lefty’s Music in Weaverville CA has many items on closeout: Ludwig Evolution Maple, Keystone X Oak In stock: 25% off plus new kits coming in - special orders welcome on Ludwig and DW shells. Roland TD-17KV and TD-50K in stock ready to ship as well as SPD-10 and SPD-SX among...
  12. Rhythm Block

    Hello World

    Hi everyone. My name is Brady and I made my account today. I've played saxophone for about 17 years after starting on clarinet. I relearned clarinet 7 years ago and picked up flute as well, acquired a bass clarinet a couple years later, then learned trombone and eventually a little...
  13. Ludwig Element Evolution w/ Paiste

    Ludwig Element Evolution w/ Paiste

    A peek at my LudElEvo, w/ Paiste PST 7 16, 17, 18, 19, 20" crashes, 22" Paiste 2002 Power Ride (from early 80's), 15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hi-hats, 10" Paiste PST 7 splash, 6 & 8" Wuhan splashes, 12 & 18" Wuhan chinas, 12 & 16" Zildjian Oriental trash chinas, 22" Wuhan wind gong, DW pedals, etc.
  14. T

    BRAND NEW Zildjian Ks

    Brand new Zildjian Ks. Absolutely not issues both cosmetic or functional. Pics for reference to show condition but happy to send additional pictures. Shipping not included in price (need to calculate based on location. 24” Zildjian K Light Ride - $400 (3 available) SOLD 20” Zildjian K Dark...
  15. M


    Hi Everyone, I hope you are well and safe!! My name is Mario Borrelli, I am professional drummer from London UK. Recently with Lockdown, I've been producing some play-along track for drummers, Here's one for you for Free to download onhttps://www.marioborrelli.net/downloads POCKET Enjoy and...
  16. K

    Zildjian L80 Low Volume demo

    Hi, I bought this low volume cymbal set 2 weeks ago for the late hours practising and they work great for that purpose. Stick rebound feels natural and the volume is so much quieter compared to regular cymbals. Before buying these I tried to find as much info as possible and there were a...
  17. stewy

    Collection ~50 Cymbals - Vintage+New Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, UFIP, Paiste + More *Sound Files*

    Some great deals here. Sound files available for all cymbals. Can combine shipping, and will ship anywhere in the world Drum collection post to follow... 1/2: *ALCHEMY 14" PRO ART HI-HATS CYMBALS ISTANBUL AGOP A.R.T. HAND HAMMERED B20 SET* $178 *FACTORY METAL PERCUSSION 18" CROSS CRASHERZ...
  18. K

    Zildjian K Sweet vs K Cluster crash demo

    Hi guys! Here's my comparison between two popular Zildjian cymbal lines, K Cluster and K Sweet. The actual playing part begins around 1:42, so you might want to skip there :)
  19. G

    Buying Cymbals on Reverb/online?

    Hi all. I want to buy a 16” K thin dark crash but I’m hesitant to buy the mint condition one on reverb. It’ll save me quite a bit versus buying new. Anyone have any input on buying cymbals without hearing the actual cymbal first?
  20. Sammybear

    SOLD!!! Zildjian 15" K Light Hi Hats - *REDUCed*

    For Sale: SOLD!!! Zildjian 15" K Light Hi Hats 1,039g/1,405g - Excellent condition. $299 plus shipping