1965 (ish) Gretsch Round Badge 13/14/20 Silver Glass Glitter Set


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Dec 8, 2006
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Kansas City
Gretsch 1960s era Round Badge Drums
9x13" Tom - 14x14" Floor Tom - 14x20" Bass

$1,600 plus shipping to active DFO Members

Silver Glass Glitter / Sparkle Wrap
Very high level players set with the very hard to find 14x14 floor tom.

Main Features:
* Wrap is in great condition – no cracks, tight seams and minimal fading
* Chrome is in very nice condition
* 1960s 6 ply Gretsch shells which are in-round, edges are clean
* New heads all around, including Gretsch logo head on resonant side of bass. Bass heads fit a little tight, which is very typical for 1960s Gretsch.
* There is a 14"x14" floor tom. We all know how hard these are to find in any condition. This one is really, really nice.

Date Estimate - 1965:
Six ply shells, silver sealer interior paint, round head screws, paper labels and serial numbers (50626, 51836) on floor tom and bass (paper tag missing on tom) all point to a 1965 +/- date for these beautiful drums. [I will include a copy of my Serial Number based Dating Guide for Vintage Gretsch Drums with your purchase.]

Buyer Option - Newer die cast hoops are currently on the floor tom, but I have the originals if you would rather have them instead.

Issues keeping this from being collector level:
1. Two small extra holes near the cymbal mount - I have no idea why these are here.
2. Inlays replaced with black glass glitter wrap. These can be replaced with Silver Glass Glitter if new owner elects
3. Bass drum has a round badge from a snare instead of the proper one for a bass drum. The vent hole/grommet is smaller, but if you have the right size grommet, you can drill this badge out a little bigger and it will look fine, or you can buy a bass badge, install it and sell the snare badge.
4. This is one inch away from being a Progressive Jazz Configuration, as mounted tom is 9x13” rather than 8x12”. You can trade out the tom if you want or just tune it a little higher. Next best thing to the classic jazz configuration.

History - I know that this set has been around the Phoenix area for the last few years, but do not know its history prior to that. I bought it there and took it home to Kansas with me.

Pictures/Questions - I took lots of pictures (I can only post ten here so ask and I can send them to you or look at my Reverb listing https://reverb.com/item/34067200-gretsch-round-badge-13-14-20-1965-silver-glass-glitter) and try to describe any potential issues so that you know exactly what you are getting if you buy these. I have shown the good and the bad of this set. Look at the pictures ask questions if you have them.

Local pick-up is fine. Just contact me to come and take a look.


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