1969 Rogers Londoner (Black Strata Pearl) looking for good home


Sep 23, 2012
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NW Florida, USA
The kit is a 1969 Londoner (same as played by Dave Clark)... 13, 13, 16, 22 with a 5.5x14 Powertone COB snare. From what I can tell it is a "transition" kit from when Rogers moved production from OH to Fullerton, CA. It has all original black strata pearl wrap. It comes with all original swan-leg swivomatic hardware (kick pedal, cymbal stand, and high hat). I did not get the bass spurs so the ones I installed are replicas but hard to tell from the originals. I also did not get the bottom hoop for the floor tom but my friend in Albuquerque sent me one which could be Rogers and optically matches the top hoop. The snare stand seems to be Rogers but may not be original to the kit. A new owner will also get a plethora of Rogers Swivomatic hardware spares, too.

During the restoration, we removed all the hardware (except for the Rogers script logos) and buffed it all including the the tension rods. I did repaint the kick hoops but the inlay is original. Interior gray speckled paint is original and all labels are intact.

From what I've been able to tell from the serial numbers, the shells are very early Fullerton ones... I have not researched the serial number on the Powertone COB snare but can do that.

The original wrap is aged a bit (many years playing in smokey bars?) but polished up pretty nicely (I think the photo shows it well)...

There were a few small cracks in the wrap on one high tom and the kick drum. The floor tom wrap was in pretty bad shape and I found a suitable replacement wrap (even Italian like the original?) from Precision Drum in NY. We decided not to re-wrap the floor tom because it would have stood out from the rest of the drums. So, we meticulously glued down every loose piece of wrap and filled in any remaining cracks with black or white epoxy, as required.... then buffed the whole shell and glossed it with a product designed to renew plastic automobile parts. Worked like a champ.

As for price, I don't give a bottom line. If you are interested, drop me a line directly and we can chat. I have plenty more photos available. I live in NW Fla but under the right circumstances might be able to deliver the kit within reasonable driving distance. Otherwise, professional packing and insured shipping will run about $150.

Paul in NW FL



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Feb 12, 2016
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Welcome to the site! Nice set and good luck with sale. Just a heads up DFO asks that a price be listed when posting for sale items. This will likely support more serious inquiry as well.


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Aug 9, 2016
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What a beauty!!!...I played Rogers for decades on the road and they never missed a beat. I thought the speckled interiors were born in the early 70,s?....Good luck with it!