2 Very quick cymbal Reviews-22 UFIP Super Nova/20" Istanbul Mehmet Xperience Xcast China


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Oct 6, 2005
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Needham MA...
I got these two off Amazon a few weeks ago but only got a chance to use them (in a studio) this past weekend.
FWIW...I paid $107 for the UFIP and under $100 for the Mehmet.

The supernova is B8 and not considered part of their pro line (pro sound for intermediate price). The top looks like a gloss gold rude....no lathing no hammering...just a flat sea of gold. The bell is a little smaller than you'd expect but shines like you'd expect a UFIP would. The bottom is also unlathed but seems to be hammered in a very deliberate design (reminds me a little of Sabian's Pro Sonix). The sound is very glassy...to me...very Paiste like....but what made it a keeper for me (besides the low price) was that the wash is a little dark and dirty. For the dream pop tune we recorded (it might be a few weeks before I can link to it) it was perfect.

The description says something about the line being made to fit in the mix with drums...not above it. the cymbal is hammered and unlathed (natural) and has a small bell. it can easily be use for riding and the bell is usable but slightly integrated. Mehmet says : Dark, low overtones with punchy highs & mids with a lower sustain level, this series is for those who like to keep their cymbals a little quieter than their drums or perhaps like to mix things up a bit. I used it for both tracks I recorded only as a crash and it took loud and softer hits well. I need to explore this one more in practice as I think it might be a bit of swiss army knife (lots of useful uses). Fun fact....the picture on Amazon showed it w/rivets but it was not described as having rivets...I might not have ordered it for the picture was right...I complained to Amazon and they took off 20%. Oh...for 20s"...the cymbal is very light.

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