20" Old K Zildjian Constantinople Ride Cymbal- $400


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Jan 11, 2016
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Denton, TX
Hello drum and cymbalholics,

I'm selling my 20" Zildjian Old K Constantinople ride cymbal. It's in great condition and has no major dings, scratches, or keyholing. It's an early U.S. made K Constantinople which I haven't seen too many of. They don't pop up every day. I'd estimate it to be in the 70s era. It sounds phenomenal but I'm just looking for some other things. If you are interested in it, please get ahold of me. It would be easier for me if it was through text or email, as I'm fairly new to the site: lukebergerdrums@yahoo.com or text 614-949-1224.
I'm primarily interested in cash but I would trade if it is reasonable. I'm interested in these things:

Noble and Cooley Snare Drums
Individual Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drums in Vintage Natural finish, sizes: 20x14, 13x8 or 9, and 15 or 16 Floor Toms
All Yamaha 600 and 800 Series Hardware/ Yamaha Mounting System
DW Ultralight Cymbal Stands and Hi Hat Stands
Very lightweight Cymbal Stands, Hi Hat Stands and Drum Thrones/ Drum Throne Bases
Vintage DW and other Brand Bass Drum Pedals
Cool Vintage Drum/Cymbal etc, Music related Posters
Other Zildjian A Crashes and Hi Hats, Zildjian K Cymbals

Thanks for looking!


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Feb 5, 2012
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Auckland New Zealand
Based on the lack of fine lathing, the style of the hammering, and the solid Zildjian ink on the bottom...

That is what's called an Intermediate American K (IAK), which come after the Early American Ks, and before the laser serial numbers went on (1994).

Years vary a bit for EAKs depending on who answers, but let's say EAK = 1981 (some say 81, some 82, some say 1979) to maybe 1984 (but again there will be different dates floating around). So yours would be after 1984 or so.

Examples of fine lathing and the hammering style of the EAKs are found here:


although that link takes you to Canadian Ks which predate the EAKs. But read on into the EAK section. I haven't finished adding IAK examples yet. But with your permission I'd like to be able to add your pictures to illustrate the hammering and lathing style next time I update my site. Thanks in advance, and good luck with the sale.

Oh, and a true Old K Zildjian Constantinople is from the 1930s and looks like this:


rather different.

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