2008 Chicago Drum Show


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Aug 8, 2005
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Carlisle, MA.
Eagerly awaiting the pics Kat... and I was there!!

Ambro, Right back at ya buddy. This is so much better than arguing about the cymbals at Cindy B.'s clinic. Get in touch directly anytime.


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Aug 5, 2005
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Saco Maine
I got in at 11 last night; pretty beat. It's all one big blur at this point. It was great to meet everyone I did, and I see I didn't meet everyone- maybe next year! I hope to go back, we had decent luck at the show, so hopefully next year's a go. I did manage to buy one snare for myself, with a really cool "the drum gods are smiling upon me" part! :)

I brought a camera, but only took one pic... Kat, get on it!!!!

I drove from Texas to the drum show with Bijan. The trip went well for a 2500 mile round trip. We unloaded, and unpacked the stuff that we brought with us on Friday. I got to see lots of cool drums being unpacked, and set up during the couple of hours we had for that purpose on Friday evening. On Saturday I visited with my 92 year old mother who lives 60 miles from St. Charles. This was a great added bonus for the trip. Of course, I was missing in action for the group photo. But, there were enough bald old men in there without me. Sunday was a complete blast for me as I helped Bijan in the Rockin Robin booth, and had plenty of time to gawk at all the drums at the show.

It was a major highlight for me to meet several of the DFO folks at the show so I could put faces and voices with the names. I also got my fix for the Italian Beef, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, and Pizza that I grew up with in Chicago. Sadly, I didn't get to chow down at White Castle. We don't get these great comfort foods in Texas. However, if any of you come down here, we can get you hooked up with all the "killer" Mexican food and barbecue you can handle.

The noise factor at the show was quite tolerable for this old war horse who has been to over 50 NAMM shows and countless guitar shows. The wanking was mostly at the booths that brought new merchandise--many of the "designer" brands. The vintage drums were lovingly and lightly tapped on by the folks who cherish vintage drums.

I went to the show with an open mind about what I would do if I saw drums for sale that I wanted. I would have bought or traded for something if I really wanted them more than drums that I already have. There were a few kits or snares that fit that bill. But, I kept things in perspective, and decided that the kits I already have were more suitable for my needs. I bought some hardware and widgits to use on my kits. Special thanks go out to Vintage Drum Junky (the good guy with one "k" in his name) for having all the cool Rogers Swivomatic hardware at brotherly prices.

At this time I think that I want to make a trip to this show an annual evant. But, I will allow more time in the Chicago area so that my wife and I can spend more time with family and friends who still live there. She has no desire or need to go to the show. And, there are plenty of things she would like to do while I'm shmoozing or working at the show. We have done this many times before while I worked NAMM shows or guitar shows.


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Aug 6, 2005
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Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe.
Wow, still recovering from the trip back home. It was my 5th visit to the Chicago drumshow and this was the biggest so far. At times it was really crowded.
I spoke with so many people and it's hard to put the usernames and real names together :)
Diden't buy that much this year, but nice stuff. A used Slingerland Conway kit in red glitter, a 14x6 DW snare and a new Gretsch cob. Can't wait till they arive :drunken:
I really liked the Chip Ritter, Billy Ward and Cindy Blackman clinics, too bad MC Greg Potter didden't play more..


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Aug 11, 2005
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cleveland, ohio
Here is a photo of what I came home with. Of coarse, I had no intention of buying anything but 2 are good project drums and the Ludwig is.....well, NICE!

1. New Ludwig COB Supraphonic with brass tube lugs and hoops.
2. 6 1/2 Leedy Utility. All original 6 lugger with a thin shell. Sounds real throaty, just as I like 'em.
3. Rogers Tower, hand painted red inside and out. All original parts and was exactly what I was looking for to recover in blue onyx to match my kit.

All in all, I'm very happy with my acquisitions.

I'm finally starting to feel back to normal after a week of fatigue!

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Nice score on that red-painted Rogers snare. I met you (holding that drum) a few minutes after I had looked at it. I was considering buying it to strip, and wrap. I snoozed on it, and you grabbed it. No hard feelings because I was not 100% sure that I really wanted that drum for my project. I'm glad that we had a chance to meet and chat.

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