2020 Cymbal Resolution

Neal Pert

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Dec 30, 2006
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All I'm saying is that all the Syncopation cymbals I tried and the ones I now own are both crashable and ride-able.

Yeah. I really don't see " Bosphorus" as a "series' company. know what I mean? they make about 12 light flavors of the same thing (disregarding things like the Gold and EBC and maybe another)
The Masters, Master Vintage, Turk, Traditional, Antique, Synco, even Black Pearl; seem slight-er variation on a one theme. It's small differences..

whereas Zildjian with say a K Custom Hybrid and K Constantinople are at least two miles apart. Bosphorus they're all small neighborhood just a block apart (ha

But I like that about them..
It's kind of old K- like
"sorry we make only one, slight variations"

They're true to form.
I think trouble arises when see them as "series".
(to me it's like) one series with cosmetic makeups.
their function One.
(like old Ks in that respect aspect insect
true turkish.
I don't think they've the ability resources staff and housing
to make dramatic differences. That's good , too.
that's another ancient good point. in their favor.
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James Walker

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Aug 5, 2005
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So heres the problem
Jazz gig tonight

But when you own 8 sets of cymbals how do you decide what to use?
I don't have eight sets, but I do have a number of different cymbals - rides in particular - as well as snare drums. I got tired of burning the mental energy choosing between a number of different and good options.

Where I'm at now:

- If it matters exactly which instrument(s) I should choose for a particular gig, my choice(s) will be obvious from the outset. I've found that it's when it doesn't really matter, that I'll have difficulty choosing between A vs. B (vs. C, etc.).

- If I find myself hemming and hawing over my choice(s), after a minute or two I'll realize that it must not really matter, and I'll just grab one of my options and go.

- If I really feel the need to decide, and nothing obvious is presenting itself, I'll take one I haven't gigged in a while.

- If I still can't decide, but feel the need to make a decision, I'll take the one(s) that will look the best if I post photos to facebook/instagram/DFO. (I'm kinda kidding about this one, but once in a while...)


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Feb 9, 2015
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I thought this was a 2002 resolution.

"I will only buy Paiste 2002 cymbals from now on".

D. B. Cooper

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Oct 18, 2009
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It's not even the best one. This one is. In it, you can clearly see his right side ride is rivited. I've been begging Gretsch to re-release those 8x10's again. Knowing what a hard hitter is he, I imagine he went through a lot of cymbal stands stands. Hard to tell sizes from the picture, but If I had to guess...18-19" 20" & 13" Hats.

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