22” Istanbul Mehmet Mikael Z Tribute cymbal


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May 15, 2006
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Portland, OR
For sale is a 22” Mehmet Mikael Z ride. 2353 grams. Very good condition with stick marks and a little tape residue, but no problems.

This may be the best 22” ride I’ve ever owned. Sweet and smooth, not trashy at all. I never thought I’d sell this one, but I’m just not using 22’s as much as 24’s these days.

Here’s what Mehmet’s website says about this series: “This cymbal was crafted using the traditional Turkish cymbal making techniques used in crafting the legendary Jazz cymbals of the 1970’s. Dedicated to Mehmet’s esteemed Master, Mikael Zilcan, who taught Mehmet the true art of cymbal-making, we are proud to present to you this very special cymbal to enhance your array of sounds as a brand new musical timbre. Mellow Tone with Great Stick Definition.” (Note: “Zilcan” = “Zildjian” but Mehmet can’t say that on their website.)

Also, I’ll tell you a secret: there is no discernible difference between the Mikael Z’s and Mehmet’s Nostalgia 70s and 61st Anniversary cymbals. They have the same profile, same bell shape, same lathing and approximately the same weight. So, if you like those series, you’ll like the Mikael Z’s.

$275 + shipping from 97202.