22" Agop Xist Ride

D. B. Cooper

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Oct 18, 2009
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I used this for a while in an ambient post-rock band. Really beautiful wash and deep spread. This thing opens up so nice on big crescendos. Great bell that is is still a touch integrated and it has enough weight to possess a really nice stick sound in an amplified setting. This thing can really do almost anything you'd throw at it. 2872g's of Turkish goodness.
I really like the Xist line and will probably get another one, 22" is just not my size.
There is a green stain where water dripped on it in my friend's garage, which I was bummed about because I usually take really great care of my things. It doesn't affect the sound and I didn't want to clean it off in case the new owner would prefer this pie un-cleaned.
I can get a link to a video for anyone interested, drop me a line!

Asking for $100 + shipping from Michigan.



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