22" Ottaviano Tribute 2075g


Aug 30, 2019
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I'm the second owner of this fantastic cymbal made by master craftsman Justin Ottaviano. I'll include the original seller's description because it's hard to beat. I've used it quite a bit over the last few years but need to unload gear to pay for some dental bills. Message me with any questions! $470 shipped in the US for DFO folks.

"Justin's stuff is completely unique and VERY different from any other cymbal I've played. This paper-thin ride is evil incarnate - Super dark, with a short sustain. It's dry, but not in a "turk" kind of way - Moreso in that the wash that is present is so dark it stays way out of the way of any other drums or cymbals or instruments. The stick quality is akin to some of the great Old Stamps I've played - That sort of cross between metallic, tinny sound and lush, woody "tah." The shanks are insane, and the edge crash could kill a man from across the room, except that despite the total, all encompassing nastiness of this cymbal, it's not a loud one. The darkness and overall low tension keeps the volume to the perfect level for piano trio and other combo work. You can play your bombastic Jack sh*t all day long without pissing anyone off. I played three piano trio sets of Monk music in a small jazz club on this earlier in the week and it ruled."

Original video:
Ottaviano2.jpg IMG_20200724_091949263.jpg IMG_20200724_091817996.jpg IMG_20200724_091813040.jpg IMG_20200724_091755498.jpg

Here's the Reverb ad:

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kevin klever

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Jul 5, 2007
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Vancouver, BC
This was mine originally and it RIPS. One of the most fun cymbals I've played, and completely unlike any other I've played. It's what I always wanted turk cymbals to be like but they never are. Ordering a new cymbal from Justin is an expensive and unpredictable process - he does incredible, unique work but is a terrible communicator and the turnaround time from ordering to receiving a cymbal seems to be 6 months +. This is a no-brainer steal. If the virus hadn't obliterated my career I'd buy it back.