24'' 1950's Avedis Ride, 3127g, BEAUTIFUL


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Dec 30, 2015
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North Carolina
Up for sale here is one of the most beautifully hammered cymbals I've ever seen. Luckily, it also has a fantastic sound to boot. In the words of Mike Layton, the previous owner:

"Now this is a special cymbal! This is a vintage Avedis 24". Hard to pinpoint the exact era on this one. The stamp is 1 3/16" with the three dots.The extensive hammering on this one leads to suspect it being one of the mid 50's "scratch your head stamps" or an early cymbal that was later stamped. Hard to say for sure. I have a 24" Trans stamp and Block stamp and the hammering on those is far less impressive compared to this one. Weight is 3127 grams. I had one of these that was less than 3000 grams and this one plays much lighter than it did. Plays easily hundreds of grams less than it's weight. Flexes easily in your hands and has a good bit of wobble to it. Has some keyhole on the bell, but no cracks. Edges are nice, with a slight bit of wave on one side (pictured). Nice natural golden patina. Crashes wonderfully. Dark in sound and low in pitch with a very nice, clear stick. Lots of varied ride sounds as well.This is a special one that would be priced much higher if it had the Trans stamp on it, but yet this one is far more complex than my 24" Trans stamp cymbal. So here's your possible grail cymbal (sorry Sinclair) at a reduced price.

Price is $475 plus shipping for this beauty.




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Jan 4, 2008
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This one fine cymbal!! One of the best that's come through my hands for sure.