24" Ride Cymbal

Tom Holder

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Feb 18, 2013
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Do any of you watch the "TCM" channel on television? They play this "buffer music" between movies sometimes that has a bouncy jazz feel, with just drums & guitar. The ride cymbal on that music sounds just wonderful to me... a deep, washy sound with nice definition. It sounds like a 24 to me... at least! I've often wondered what kind of cymbal that is, and what size. It sounds huge. Huge and thin. I love the sound of that cymbal, but personally I have never owned anything larger than a 22, because that's the biggest cymbal that will fit in my cases. Anything bigger than a 22 is just too much for me to tote around. I feel the same way about bass drums. 22's are as much as I choose to lug around, and I travel a lot. Love the sound, hate the schlepp!

My current favorite ride cymbal is a 21" K. "Organic Ride". I'm not a fan of the brilliant finish... too much work keeping it shiny... but this cymbal is only brilliant on the bottom side. The top is "natural" and sorta grungy-looking. Appearances aside, I love the sound of this cymbal. It has a very nice "cut", but it's not too "ping-y". And the bell sounds awesome.

Personally, I think that ride cymbals should not be "crashed". There are ride cymbals and there are crash cymbals, and they are very different instruments. I cringe when I hear someone crash a ride cymbal. Too much sustain. But that's just my opinion. Who cares besides me?

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