35 pounds of HHs


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Jul 23, 2011
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35 pounds of HHs

Yes, you read that right. I actually am still working and doing fine, but I have too many cymbals that I just don't use.....so I am unloading.

I am a big fan of mix/matching - so I am offering these up as singles - or you can buy two that go together - or pretty much whatever you want.

***** There is one exception - I am offering up the first two hats together as a pair. 1960s #2 and #14 885g/1095g with a VIDEO DEMO
Note: #7 and # 21 would make a nice pair as well (850/1360)

Of course you can always pick several up and combine the shipping and add more possibilities to your HH tonebank.


ALL are 14in

Prices do not include shipping from 49285 (or from me in Stockbridge or Ann Arbor, MI or somewhere in between, etc.) Pics to be added in the following comments.

*** Be sure to check out my other offerings as well on here (about another two dozen pies listed) - be wise - get a multiple discount and save money on combine shipping ***

Discounts for multiple purchases

2) SOLD Zildjian A 1960s 885g $65
14) SOLD Zildjian A 1960 1095g $65
******** These two can be had for $115 as a pair *******

4) Zildjian ZBT Crash 720g $20

5) Wuhan Bottom 1130g $30

6) Wuhan Top 1085g $30

7) SOLD Zildjian A Bottom 1980s 1360g $55

8) Camber Bottom (Nickel Silver) 760g $25

9) Camber Top (Nickel Silver) 680g $25

12) Sabian B8 Bottom 1305g $25

13) Sabian B8 Bottom 1130g $25

15) Camber Bottom (Nickel Silver) 885g $20

16) Camber Top (Nickel Silver) 680g $20

17) Sabian B8 Top/Bottom? 950g $25

18) SOLD Zildjian Dyno Beat Bottom 1250g $45

19) SOLD Argent Bottom or top if you wish (this is B20 alloy - very wet and trashy) 745g $25

20) SOLD Argent Top (this is B20 alloy - very wet and trashy) 652g $25

21) SOLD Zildjian A Top Late 1950s 850g REDUCED $45 due to shape - not laying flat. Minuscule. While some may not think so, I think it effects how it plays.
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