40s WFL Super Classic Buddy Rich snare WMP


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Aug 5, 2005
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The City of Brotherly Love
I got this drum to use with a WFL set I had, but the set has since been sold. I am not an expert, but this appears to be a 1940s aluminum badged 8 lug 5.5x14 Buddy Rich snare with early type Classic strainer (different hole spacing than 50s-60s) and P-32 butt in nickel. A magnet does not stick to the hoops so they are brass, but I’m not sure if original. Some of the original wires are bent, but they clear well when thrown off and sound fine when engaged. There is 1 unoriginal screw on the Classic throw off as the original was very bent and unusable. WMP is creamy and in pretty good shape for the age, looks classy. Nice mahogany shell that plays great. I have not detailed this drum, but it should clean up nicely. Asking $475 OBO shipped to the Lower 48.


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