5-pc PDP Concept Classic Maple 2016 walnut with natural (maple) hoops $1000


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Dec 31, 2011
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Houston, TX
PDP Concept Maple Classic 5 -piece drumset - Walnut with Natural Hoops

the drums are in excellent/mint condition and have never left my rehearsal space in five years
24x14 bass drum (undrilled)
14x6.5 snare drum Natural stain w/ Natural hoops MAG throw off
13x9 rack tom
16z16 fl tom
18x16 fl tom
*Note: the 16x16 hoop has got some weird black crud on it from storing it on a carpet, I've done my best to sand it off, but you may want to buy a replacement hoop (16" one inch high) at drumfactory direct or some other source you may know of. I made a temporary quick fix by swapping the batter and resonant side hoops so it would be less noticeable. I've posted some more photos below.

Remo PDP heads issued with drums + Remo Fiberskyn for tom/fl tom batters and a Fiberskyn resonant bass drum head
Concept series features: Dual Turret lugs, recessed stamped claw hooks, and round offset badges, True Pitch tension rods
green DW logo on Fiberskyn front bass drum head, but I'll send along the original PDP logo head

*the batter side 13",16",18" Remo Fiberskyn heads included have barely been played. I ditched the PDP resonants on all drums for clear Ambassador battters

no cases/bags
cymbals and stands not included

asking $1000 + estimated shipping ($225-$250 probably)


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