50s Era Old As... 2 22"s and an 18"


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Oct 4, 2005
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Up for sale are three really nice 50s era old A Zildjians. I recently got married, and between that and holiday bills it's time to sell some cymbals. All cymbals in perfect physical shape, just some dirt/stick marks and signs of use. I can furnish a video or soundfile of any of these, just PM with an email address. Please PM or email steven.helfand@gmail.com with questions or interest!

1.) 22" Hollow block logo - this cymbal is a great example of a 50s hollow block logo. I'd call it medium-thin in weight, maybe 2400g. It has two non-factory rivet holes, which currently carry light steel split rivets. This adds a subtle sustain that sits well below a very strong, woody stick sound. The sustain of the cymbal is warm ands somewhat subdued, allowed the articulation to remain clear. Tall round bell which speaks very clearly. No issues at all aside from the rivet holes, which appear to be professionally drilled. $275+shipping.

2.) 18" Tall (2") stamp crash/ride - this cymbal is pretty thin, and the weight that is there sits towards the cup, as is typical with this era. The edge is very thin, and the cymbal opens up with a great full crash. The stick sound is also very strong, making this cymbal very versatile. It's got the classic 50s bell with the flat top, and some great lathe chatter on top also. I'd call it thin in weight. Perfect physical shape, not even much dirt on this one. How about $225 + shipping.

3.) 22" Tall (2" stamp) ride - this is more on the medium side, perhaps 2600-2700g. 20" rivet holes which do appear to be factory. Super strong bell sound, stick sound is woody as well but here the sustain of the cymbal is a little more pronounced. This cymbal has a bit more of an umbrella profile as well, so the stick sound is strong, the decay pretty fast, and the pitch just a little higher than the other 22". Another great example of a 50s era Zildjian! Thinking about $300+shipping, I haven't seen a lot of tall stamps in this condition. I've been asked if it's a "Brilliant" finish; it appears fairly shiny in person, whether it be from the lathe tool or some sort of buffing after it was created. With the dirt and patina buildup, I have no reason to believe the finish is not original.

Photos are in order... first 3 are the 22" Hollow block, then the 18", finally the 22" tall/large stamp.




The brilliant finish is almost certainly factory. Pinksterboer (1992), The Cymbal Book, p82 mentions that the Zildjian factory started producing brilliant finish cymbals before WW2 (so before 1939). Although Pinksterboer published that in 1992, news doesn't seem to have reached a lot of people yet despite the speed of the Internet. :dontknow: I've got it on my timeline and I've noted plenty of brilliant cymbals from the Trans Stamp period (1946-1953 give or take). I'd have to check my notes to see how many brilliant cymbals I've noted which have the trademarks from the later 30s.

BTW, which version of the Large Stamp is on that 18" cymbal? Is it the L3 (no dots in a triangle like the one on the 22") or the L2 (3 dots in a triangle like the L1 aka Hollow block)?
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