50s old As... Large stamp 18" & 20", Trans stamp 18", Hollow logo 22"


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Oct 4, 2005
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Several 50s era old A Zildjians for sale... the collection has gotten a little too large, and these just aren't getting use. Please email steven.helfand@gmail.com or PM with interest! No issues with any of these.

1) 18" Large stamp - 2" tall engraved logo. Paper thin at the edges, nice bell and taper. Will work as a true crash/ride cymbal. $200 + ship
2) 20" Large stamp - 2" tall engraved logo. 2286g. 12 Factory rivets. This cymbal has an amazing stick sound that will not quit, cushioned by the sustain of the rivets. Awesome bell too. $225+shipping.
3) 18" Trans stamp - 1523g. Also a great crash/ride. Fairly thin at the edge, opens into a full crash. Weight is towards the center, giving it a strong stick and great bell. Also a true crash-ride. $200+ship
4) 22" Tall hollow logo - 2" tall engraved logo with hollow "Zildjian" lettering. 2 non-factory rivets. I'd call this cymbal medium-thin. Lower in pitch, with a strong stick sound that sits above the wash. This would be a fantastic cymbal for a jazz combo, but has enough clarity to work in a larger ensemble. Tall round bell which speaks clearly. $250+shipping.

Thanks for your time!