6.5x14 Hammered Bronze for 5x14 version?


Deafus Maximus
Aug 5, 2005
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Chichester NH
I have a 2000's Hammered Bronze(I think it's bronze) 6.5x14 that I would like to trade for a 5" version or a black beauty. I was actually hoping to find a cut B/O badge version as I really want a drum with a B/O badge. I don't care if the drum is a bronze hammered or un-hammered, black beauty hammered or un-hammered. I just wish it to have a B/O badge and I know the cut B/O badges make the drums factory seconds.

My drum is in very nice shape thought it is used. The drum I am looking for does not need to be mint by any means as I plan to use it as a workhorse drum. If anyone is interested, let me know. Thanks!

Here is my drum and what I am kind of aiming for.