9 Piece Sakae Celestial Drum Set Mappa Burl w black chrome hardware


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Aug 5, 2005
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Phila, Pa
Sakae Celestial drums are some of the best I have ever played. I think they well put together works of art. Blah, hyperbole. No seriously if someone can find a set buy him or her, as Im almost sure that Sakae is out of business. I like them better than a Yamaha Phx. I think they are Sakes version of the Phx. The drum build is some of the best I have ever seen. The Mappa Burl is beautifully book mashed and rivals and in some ways surpasses Sonors Veneer drums. Each drum as a different shell thickness, bearing edges and in some cases different bearing edges top and bottom. 6 ply shells 4 ply maple and 2 outer ply of bubinga.

I have a 9 piece kit! Mappa burl with black chrome hardware. It was an endorsers kit. I have 22x16 18x14 16x16 (only 16 ever made) bass drums. 10x8 12x8 13x9 14x13 and 16x15 floor tom. Matching 6.5x 14) bubinga snare drum.

The condition is a an 8/10. It has been used on gigs but taken care of. Some of the lug have sratches on them but I have included new replacement lugs that can replace any of the scratched ones included in the sale.

I am not shipping right now but can meet near the Philadelphia area to meet up with the kit.
Price is 4000


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Dec 22, 2011
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VA Beach
I've read nothing but wonderful things about Sakae's Celestial series. Yours is one helluva shell pack in a breathtaking finish. GLWS!

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