A Buddy Story


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Nov 3, 2009
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Pattaya, Thailand
Yesterday I was reminded by another long term expat resident here of the time Buddy Rich and his band played in Bangkok no doubt after visiting troops in Vietnam (?). It must have been late 1960's or early 1970's. I went to the large night club of the time that night and have vivid memories of a few things that happened ..... 1) despite rumors that Buddy never practiced, he did indeed warm up as I saw him through his dressing room door playing sticks vertically against a wall mirror ... 2) his drums had apparently been held up at Thai airport customs and he publicly said so as he blasted the house kit he had to use with the loud remark "this cowbell should have stayed on the cow" ....3) he went on to abuse his manager by saying "you ever book me into such a s----hole again, you're fired" ..... he was, of course his typical verbal self between tunes and played his usual brilliant stuff with the young band he led. I did not get to meet him directly but he was not in the mood to hang around anyway .....funny how some things are unforgettable.

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