a dumb idea for a kit that I'd like to assemble


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Jul 13, 2020
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DISCLAIMER: I'm not looking right now, just thinking of ideas

I've found that, in a sort of... masochistic, (stockolmishly-)loving way, I enjoy my TKO kit's ability to make the sounds I like. It's not an entire TKO kit; I have no cymbals and the snare is a COS snare I got separately, but the TKO shells I have can make the sounds I like with relative ease. However, having two toms (12 and 13), and a single kick pedal, is not quite optimal to me, yeah? So I've... concepted an idea for a kit assembly based on these cheap and terrible, yet versatile, drums: I buy another kit with the exact same line of shells, and have two 12s tuned differently, and two 13s tuned differently, and two kicks, then get a 16 floor. Upside? I can get 3 more drums from this line for less than an alright double pedal costs, then get two better single pedals, and then bam, I have consistent pedal feel between two kicks and I have lots of toms, on the really, really cheap. Downside? This doesn't find me used cymbal booms that aren't either broken or too expensive lol.

What do y'all think? This sound wonderfully dumb?

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