A&F brass snare - beautiful instrument

Rusty Knorr

Aug 22, 2021
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Everett, WA
I’m sure the drum sounds great. Just wonder how that weld is going to hold up over the years. It definitely adds to the rat-rod/steampunk/hand made vibe.
If a welded shell bothers you then INDe must put you in hysterics. Not to mention the GLUED Noble and Cooley solid shells! Oh, the horror!
There are literally millions of welded shell metal snare drums out there, fully functional after decades of hard playing. I doubt many of them have the level of craftsmanship that Remy puts into his boutique shells. I won’t worry about mine, but if a welded shell bothers you then you are limiting a huge percentage of gorgeous instruments. Your choice! Personally, despite the impending seam failures, I love my A&F, N&C, AND INDe drums.

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