A&F, I know they're expensive


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Jul 28, 2006
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Yes I would check and see where and if they have a sonic similarity and aren't too far from mainstream... But Visually Yeah they look like from a different century.. but that's to taste I guess.
They're almost a Style statement but sonically, adding whatever tone they have (ancient?) could be a cool addition. I guess; It's kind of weird to have just "one".. and no hipper- to the eyes- than having an old marcher deep wood hoop snare calf heads, setting next to "your" nearly new "Yamaha Absolute Hybrid" (or whatever) . It's about a wash/ even..

You can still restore actual vintage drums and snares and come away with the same result. I think.
Little bit of cinematic Hollywood posturing (signaling) going on..

I agree with you on the vintage piece big time. That drum looks amazing.