A few clips I found on You Tube from my TOTO tribute Show...

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Mar 5, 2017
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We were in Atlanta last night and I asked if anyone had seen any good clips of the show as it felt pretty good... everyone replied nope, just a couple of decent pics was all. Then laying here in my bunk just wasting time surfing You Tube (my favorite bus past time, well next to reading DFO) I stumbled across sever good cell phone clips. I have no idea who the poster is and I assume it's just a cell phone, but they did a pretty nice job in both the audio and video. They only posted one full song (Africa of course... THE most boring song of the set) but I still enjoyed seeing some good videos. I also liked that he posted several different songs from other artist and all 4 of our lead singers. The reaon to the other songs (the Tubes, Michael Jackson, Boz Scaggs, George Benson, etc.) is that they were all written by Toto so that is part of the show.

I'm sharing here not because of any playing prowess, but to share the miked sound of the new Punkinater set (with UFiP cymbals and an Aluminum INDe snare). This is only my 4th or 5th show with this rig and i LOVE them.... such a smooth pleasurable kit to play. But man... I never dreamed I would be hitting this hard and playing rock and roll at this age in my life.... this is tuff on an old man!!


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