A Few Live Clips From my Acoustic Trio's Booking Videos

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Mar 5, 2017
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Evening gang, I thought I would post a few live clips from my acoustic Trio's booking videos for fun. Not sure why anyone would particular want to watch them unless you were in my city and needed to book a little entertainment for your event or venue. But what the heck, so little of what I get to play is caught on video that it's fun to post stuff from time to time.

UPLAND ROAD is a three piece trio led by the singer/guitarist (who named it after the street he grew up on in Maine). This guy is also plays with me in the Toto tribute show that is currently in production for later this year. A few weeks ago he asked "What are we going to do the two weekends a month that we are home?" as the show will only be traveling 2 weeks out of the month. And this is the real drawbacks to signing on with the show in the first place, that we were basically taking ourselves out of the local jobbing market. We would be gone to much to be a first call sideman but not gone enough to play as often as we prefer. It was then that he said lets grab a base player (we three have played together for years) and do our own thing when were home.

Sounds great, but what will we play... again he said "I'm tired of going around town and hearing "acoustic" bands playing unplugged rock and roll, lets play classic acoustic based pop hits "correctly"... and Upland Road was born. We've only played twice so far but we had so much fun we decided to shoot a couple of demo videos and throw them on a Facebook page to drum up some business (... yeah I know).

So here are those clips. We got together last week at his studio and played through 15 or 16 songs in about an hour, live direct to a single camera with no post mixing. What we played was what we had to work with. I had a GREAT time as I really enjoy all the textures and dynamics this gig affords me. Different brushes, sticks, cymbals, snares, percussion... it is just a joy to play particularly if you old enough to have enjoyed these songs back in the day. And to top it off, I get to play with two great musicians who happen to be dear friends and good men, and you know those are very hard to find!

I have no idea if we will get many dates this summer but I hope so, This is SO different from a two hour show where I am showing the world how much I am NOT Jeff Porcaro or Simon Phillips. Knowing that we have a little older board here, I thought you might enjoy a few of these short clips.


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Dec 28, 2010
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That looks to be more fun than is legal in Tennessee.
No joke ... you are blessed. The sound is very pleasant. I could listen to you guys for a few a while.
Love the kit setup.
Man, so cool.