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Feb 25, 2015
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I think I remember a Modern Drummer cover story on Denny Carmasi in the late 80's and he spoke about buying his NC kit. I can't find any info, but was this true? Thanks

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There were very few, probably well under 10, of these solid shell kits made in "normal" sizes and Denny got one of the few. Shortly afterwards, they introduced the "Star Series" drums which featured what has become known as the "Short Stack" style of drums because of both the difficulty in finding larger pieces of solid wood for the "power" sizes that were popular at the time. It was just a short blip of time while these drums were available. Denny found out about them and bought a kit and both recorded a bunch with them (Heart, Whitesnake, Cinderella, Coverdale/Page, etc...) and toured the world with them. They were incredible sounding drums. While he might have had several bass drums for this kit, his touring kit definitely had a 24" bass drum. That kit in the video looks like a 22". Denny's kit was:
24" Ply kick, 8",10",12" rack toms up top and 14" & 16" Floor toms with a 5x14 matching snare drum...All of the toms were solid, steam bent Maple in Black Lacquer. The kit was thunderous in concert. Denny was a hell of a drummer and super sought after by many producers and he "Ghost" drummed on many "hair bands" records of the day, including the one's mentioned above. The Whitesnake recording was the alt single version of "Here we go again", but there were many others. His drumming on Heart's "Bad Animals" was fantastic and the drum sounds on that album were monster huge.
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Oct 27, 2008
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I have a Noble & Cooley Zildjian snare the 6.5x14 first gen. and absolutely love it!
They make awesome drums. I played on one of the walnut kits recently and it was sonically pleasing, gorgeous, and their standards and craftsmanship is what you would expect.

I remember meeting Denny and checking out his Heart kit. Phenomenal drummer, and gentlemen, and the kit had such a unique sound.