ADK Hamburg (2) & Vienna Microphones Trade for Cymbals & Drums


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Oct 20, 2011
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For trade I have 3 like new microphones from ADK. They come in their original boxes with all the accessories. New, they run $349. Would like to trade for cymbals. Looking specifically for:

Bosphorus Black Pearl Cymbals
Bosphorus 18” Master Crash
Cresent Hammertone 20” Ride
Istanbul 30th Anniversary 14” Hi Hats
Istanbul Jazz Special Edition 18” Crash
Istanbul Agop Signature 22” Ride
Paiste Big Beat 19”
Paiste Giant Beat 18” Thin
Paiste Giant Beat 22”
Paiste Giant Beat 24”
Paiste Masters Dark 15”
Paiste Masters Dark 18” Crash
Paiste Master Dark 22” Ride
Zildjian Special Dry 18” Crash
Zildjian Special Dry 21” Ride

***will consider other stuff***

Drums I’m looking for:
Camco 16” Floor Tom. Ideally something that needs recovered or isn’t a collectors piece. Got some shells that were painted black inside and recovered and need a floor tom to complete the set.
Camco/DW/Knock Off turret lugs. Need 22 (shell I have don’t have bottom lugs)
Ludwig Bowling Ball Blue Oyster 13” rack and 16” floor
Ludwig 6.5” Supraphonic (any era)
Ludwig 6.5” Black Beauty
Ludwig 6.5” or 8” Copperphonic
Rogers Red Sparkle 16” (Pre-Fullerton)
Slingerland Red Sparkle Floor Tom 14” or 16”
Slingerland Silver Sparkle 14”
Tama Superstar or Artstar 8” snare

***would consider other 7” or 8” snare drums


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