Advice on buying a NEW Ludwig Classic Maple Kit - Downbeat or Fab 22?


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Aug 31, 2009
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I wondered that too. But it's not likely that different an effect compared to the factory paint that Ludwig used in the mid-late 60s. My theory of what's wrong with the drums is that the glue in the ply layup may have voids. I can't proove it. I just know the floor tom sounds dead no matter what I've tried, all the toms have a very small sweet spot that's very hard to find, even after new edges, countless head combos and tuning machinations. I finally reached a point of frustration after living with it for 16 years when I said "I'm done, this is not a musical instrument". That's why I haven't offered it for sale on DFO.
Ive had Ludwig duds over the decades.
I believe in both cases,it was a void in the plies,just dead.
I got away from vintage because of tuning and hardware.
Love SBP,your kit will look great!


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Dec 31, 2008
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Fort Stinkindesert, NM
I know you are getting a virgin bass drum, but I still offer this (free) advice: if you get a Tom mount, specify where you want it. I ordered a Ludwig CM 14x22 and the stock mount was put really close to the resonant head. I only play one up and the mount should have been close to the middle of the shell for my taste. Next time I ordered a CM bass drum, I had the shop (Pro Drum) install the mount...where I wanted it

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