Air Drummers How Many Toms?


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Jul 4, 2020
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A couple of questions for you ADrz out there....
How do you folks clean your cymbals?
Ported or non ported on BD?
Sometimes I keep it to 17 tom toms when I feel like jamming along properly to Polynesian Nightmare...

This just in....just thought of another "beef".....has anyone noticed the lack of quality control in the new whackem 10,000 sticks? I just had a great session relearning Mustang Sally but had a heck of a time....after the count in the sticks would just break or go flying out of my if in
This issue is giving my AD "ADD".....air drumming doldrums......urgh.....
One thing I hate about those sticks is the weight inconsistencies, even in "matched" pairs... And make sure you individually roll em on the counter or other flat surfaces before leaving the shop: you'd be surprised to see how many aren't straight either!!

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May 28, 2019
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I'm having trouble deciding how many toms I should use for my AD kit. I know it depends on what style of music I'm playing but I still need some advice. Already have my crash cymbals at 1980 heights for a better workout and my girlfriend thinks it looks rad. She also wants my toms two up two down but two up gets in the way of my ride cymbal. I'm thinking she might like one up three down just as much or even better after she watches me play it. There's also the issue of one or two bass drums. What do you AD guys use?
Like the galaxies. Billions and billions!


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Jan 23, 2020
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When I used to air drum along with records I would always (always!) air drum on the kit used by the drummer who made the recording — Beatles, Hendrix, Doors: 4-piece w/2 or 3 cymbals; Cream: 2-BD/2-up/2-down w/7 cymbals; Gene or Buddy: 1-up/2-down w/4 cymbals. When I would air drum to the music in my head I'd always air drum on my own kit (whatever it happened to be at the time).