Angel hoop vs triple flanged hoop


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Aug 4, 2011
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I finally took a dive and ordered a pair of 3 mm stainless steel Angel hoops, and naturally I took 2 days testing them to all my snares to see what the fuzz is about, and at the same time I did comparison videos hear how they sound back to back.

Nope, they were not cheap, but I have to say that I'm really pleased with their sound! Especially on metal snares they sound exceptional, combining best qualities of single, triple flanged and die casts.
Especially the rimshots benefit from this hoop, there is this extra fatness and focus and to my ears this very addictive "POP". But at the same time the sound is still really open and there is none of the (to me annoying) shortness of sound that die casts have. They also seem to control the sustain of overtones when played outside the center, so that you can play the drum with less dampening without the sound getting too ringy. The overall sound is clearer, and seems to cut better, even though there was no apparent volume rise in decibels.
Also the tunability is great (it's actually really difficult to make the hoop sit anyway else than perfect on the head, so they tune up great) and they seem really well made.

I did comparison video (Angels against triple flanged) with 5 different snares. It took 2 days, but I was really curious how they sounded back to back with exact same tunings and head. Bottom head and snare tension is untouched between the takes. I wanted to change only the top head, that I could keep the snare wires at exactly the same tension between takes.
Like always, headphones are recommended.

Here's Pearl COB with 2 different tunings. If you wish to hear the rest, they are easily found on my channel in Youtube.

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