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Feb 16, 2016
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Pebble Beach, CA
I am loving being the house drummer to my 10 y.o.'s acoustic guitar ensemble! We have a setlist down (about 10 songs or so) and we are pretty tight now. Fresh off a gig last weekend at an outdoor street fest, yesterday we played a local library. I needed a smaller kit because the Premiers I used last week outside would just be way too much. I ended up taking out one of my favorite bop kits - a modded Gretsch SSB 8x12, 11x13FT, 14x16 bass rewrapped in super tangerine glass (I picked up off a local DFO'er), and a nearly "matching" RB 4157 5x14 in a faded red that looks pretty darn close to tangerine! Same cymbals as usual - 14 K over 14 quick beat top, 19 Soultone vintage patina crash as my LSR, main ride is a 22 Bos traditional, and R. side crash is a Dream 18" vintage bliss crash ride. Same hardware - DW 5000, old Tama HH stand (solid for 20+ yrs!) and misc stands.

I set up my digital recorder and again did not get a chance to try it out as a monitor. I screwed up though - when you turn it on, if you press record 3X, it will start recording. Otherwise, you have to wait for it to start, then press Rec once for the monitor and twice for *actual* recording.....of course, I only pressed it 2X and got a whole lotta nothing! It's a shame, because I think it was as tight as we've played. My kid nailed his song (Rundgren's Bang the Drum) and he's now incorporated a slide guitar sound into his solo in House of the Rising Sun. We now play Wipeout at "normal" and then double time which is a lot of fun for everyone, and we do other pop, bluegrass, Americana and surf tunes. About a 50 minute set. I did get to set up my video camera and got the entire thing on vid, but stupidly put it on "night" vision" so it got pretty washed out. I also set up my cell phone behind to my left but the drum sound clips and my rear end blocks much of the view! In Wipeout, I had major bass drum creep (and flashed back to all those Elvin Jones vids where I see him struggling with that!). The last few years the band has played there, they had a carpeted floor, so of course I left my rug at home. This time, they just had newly tiled the floor and both the bass and the HH were getting away from me. Luckily I duck taped the pedals down after the first song and all was well.....

Anyway, lots of fun here...and free food! We had about 150+ people so a full house with people standing in back, too. Some of the kids are in high school and have a band and needed to use my small kit for their first ever live gig - only 3 songs, but they were originals & good! Sort of a cross between Nirvana, Weezer, and Floyd......I've been working with their drummer (who was the bassist in our set) helping him work some stuff out and I got credit I don't deserve as a volunteer teacher/mentor. The main teachers do the heavy lifting though - I just like to sit in the back and rock out! I got compliments from the main teacher about the "great tone" of my kit....thanks! They did sound great. I detuned them slightly from the normal mid-hi bop sound I like.
To "fix" the bass boing, I rolled up a tea towel and taped it to the bottom outside of the batter head and that solved that issue.

Next gig is end of June: The Monterey Blues Festival - and we play 2 sets! Everything will be set up (last year, I played the house kit).....but this time I'll at least bring my stick bag!


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