Any body know anything about these?

Mr B

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Aug 5, 2005
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Mississippi River Valley
A early Ludwig & Ludwig 28” tympani...

How much are they’re worth?

I’d be inclined to flip it. so can the base be easily removed for shipping?

I couldn’t find much on line. I’d have to say the condition would have to be called fair.

But it is complete and the pedal works.

The last patent date- Oct. 19, 1920

It is copper.

It has a very new looking Ludwig head

It does have several dings the worst being a shallow crease a few inches long as seen in the front view photo.

It has several paint scuffs.

Where the top of the “post “ connects the flange that holds the “kettle” has been tig welded. See the photo of the bottom.

One of the the legs has been broken, but also tig welded.

The owner told me he took it to a pro welding shop for the repairs.

What say you, any value?

And I didn't even use J B’s name...



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Nov 24, 2010
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Norman, Oklahoma
I have a pair of them, 25" & 28". Don't know what they are worth but they are worth a lot to me. I use them for church gigs and pit orchestra work. I don't use them often but, when I do, they are important.

To disconnect the base, be sure all tension is off the heads and invert the kettle. There is a ball and socket device in the pedal where the downward pull rod meets the pedal (you can see it in the second pic). When this is disconnected and the tightening screw is loosened then the pedal just comes off. The legs will fold flat. If you ship the drum, the pedal can fit inside the kettle. Be careful not to damage the individual internal tension rods.

BTW, if you need t-handle tension rods, I have some.


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Sep 4, 2006
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In my opinion, not flippable unless you get it for free, and even then you could get stuck with it.
One drum is not of much interest to anyone looking to gig with. If it was an "outside" sized drum (like a 23" or 30") it might get some interest.
Packing and shipping it would most likely eat up any hope of making a few bucks or breaking even.
If it's something you'd like for yourself and it's cheap enough it could be fun.