Anybody know who subs for Guillermo Brown on The Late Late Show (L.A. guys, help?)


May 5, 2011
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St. Louis, MO
Saw a guy on there a couple times in early May 2022, African-American, he was wearing a green jacket. Plays open-handed. He backed up Michael Bublé along with some of the others in the house band. He took some minor crap in the Youtube comments, but I thought his playing was great. He was obviously sight-reading the Bublé big band chart, and Michael gave him just one cue to be quieter, which is all fine. I did think he needed a more defined and less washier ride cymbal, though ;-) I'm also wondering who the bassist was. The pianist and guitarist were the regular members of the Late Late Show band.

Seems like that would be a great gig, at least for another year until James Corden leaves. Corden has a very nice repartee with the production staff and band, I enjoy that far more than the actual sketches and celebrity guests.