App to catalog gear?


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Jan 22, 2018
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Hey Guys,

We just started using an app specific to cataloging our vinyl collection so we can have easy access to what we have. This will hopefully help keep me from purchasing duplicates when perusing record stores!

Anyway, this got got me wondering if there is an app out there folks are using to keep track of their drum gear.

Originally I was thinking for my cymbals but really I could also use something for my snares, hardware, etc.

It would be nice to be able to track, categorize and sort information such as what the item is, year, color, weight, purchase price, sold price, pictures, condition, misc notes, etc.

Having an app like this at your fingertips at anytime on your phone or computer could be super handy.

I could see this also being helpful for insurance purposes.

Does anyone use something like this?
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Jul 6, 2006
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Buda, Texas
I'm not as HiTec as I should be. For things like cataloging I use Excel at home. The only thing I would like is something on my phone to remind me how an old song is played and a quick way to find it. We are always having someone setting in for a couple of songs or a request from someone. Then I'm thinking; dang, how did I used to play that thing. If I get a pickup from a fiddle or lead guitar I'm usually good but starting cold turkey can be embarrassing. LOL Problem with age I guess.

A nice app would be nice to have and better yet, it could be voice activated. LOL