Are Jazz Guys feathering...


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Mar 9, 2006
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When I played this tune (about 340 bpm) believe or not I actually was feathering sometimes. You can't hear it on the video and couldn't hear it in the audience but the guys probably felt it.

We played this tune slower in all are other gigs but John just went bizerk that night. We were off to the races. Thats why you see Nick and I smile at each other like "oh man this is going to be ready?"

I could probably play it faster today. That was me 35 pounds heavier than I am today.

But no..dont feather at these tempos unless you are doing a buddy Rich or count basie (maybe) big band tune.

In general i feather all the time..well most of the time. But its really not heard

I apologize for being self centered for a sec. Just wanted to say I posted this cause it related not to "show off "

Actually you should know I can't watch this because all I hear are is the lame stuff Im playing and seeing bad posture a totally square blue blazer.
Im really hard on myself. Trying to improve.

That being I 100% am feathering here in this video. Probably can't hear it.


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