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Nov 18, 2012
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Long Beach CA
Back in the summer of 82 myself and 2 friends started playing in a punk/mod/rock cover band. We were probably 15/16 years old and having a blast. A couple of years went by and we broke up and another couple of years went by...the bass player started playing guitar and found out he could sing and write music. The former guitarist took up bass and we were back together and it was a great time in our lives.
We were 20 years old and recorded a 6 song EP with a local indie label and sold 50k copies in the first year. We did a 4 week tour of the US college circuit out of an old Dodge motor home...we called it the Freedom mobile and it was magic. Then the major labels came calling. We were getting played on LA’s Kroq, klos and some other smaller stations around radio too. This song was one of the first songs written after we released the Ep. We booked Capitol studio B for a day and recorded 5 new songs.
Band politics, relationships and the final nail in the coffin... a couple of us moved to different countries and that ended it. We never finished mixing this song and someday would love to remix it.
This is As I Do by Sixtieth Parallel.

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