Ash Soan - Paradiddle-diddle lick


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Aug 6, 2017
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London UK
Hi guys. Ash plays a nifty lick in this tune at 1:42.


Here's my video with the breakdown.

I've broken it down in four sections and starting very slowly, so hopefully easy to understand! 1. Basic sticking shown on just snare and then with accents. 2. Sticking shown around kit. 3. Basic sticking again shown on just snare + added bass drum. 4. Sticking shown again around kit + added bass drum. Then I play it with song at 3:24.

It's just a Paradiddle-diddle: RLRRLL cycling across 4 bars. Left hand remains on the hi-hat. There are 3 parts to it as follows:

Snare (R), hi-hat(l), tom 1(rr), hi-hat(ll).
Hi-hat (R), hi-hat(l), snare(rr), hi-hat(ll).
Tom 1 (R), hi-hat(l), hi-hat(rr), hi-hat(ll)

Bass drum is every 4 strokes of the paradiddle-diddle starting on beat 1. I put the sheet on the tom but it's not readable on video so here's a photo of it.

Enjoy :)
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