Assorted new and Used Heads for Sale


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Feb 25, 2008
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Spring, TX
I have a bunch of heads available in varying conditions from new to lightly used to moderately used. I've tested each one and they all still have plenty of resonance left in them.

Because of the size of the lot, I didn't take pics of each one. Instead, please message me or reply below and I will send you pics of whatever you like.

Looking for offers, especially on bundles!

22" Remo Powerstroke 3 clear
18" Aquarian Studio-X clear
18" Tama 200 Hazy
18" Tama 250 Hazy
18" Tama 200 Hazy w/ muffle ring
18" Evans EC2 clear
16" Remo Emperor clear (x2)
16" Evans G2 coated
15" Evans EC2 clear
14" Remo Emperor clear (x2)
14" Remo Ambassador clear
14" Evans EC2 clear (x2)
14" Evans Genera G2 (NEW)
12" Aquarian Texture Coated Studio-X w/ Power Dot
12" Remo Ambassador coated
12" generic smooth (feels like a snare batter side in terms of thickness)
10" Premier CL Reponse
10" Remo Emperor clear (x2)
10" Aquarian Texture Coated Studio-X
8" Attack 1 Ply Medium clear (NEW)
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